APM, Hendersonville, NC

Appalachian Pinball Museum

538 N. Main Street, Hendersonville, NC


If you are ever find yourself in Hendersonville, North Carolina please do take the time to visit the "Appalachian Pinball Museum", such a cool spot. Does truly bring back such great childhood memories. I have never played pinball machines, only watch others older kids at the time. I can see it like it was yesterday, don't ya think that memories are fun like that ...seeing the big kid "BOY" (he was probably only in high school, when you were in elementary school but truly who know what age he was?? Age is but a number, it really didn't even faze you at that time. Unlike today standards.) who would pull back that thingy, 'cause I never knew what that was called but you would all watch in awe as to what the heck he was doing and the ball would go flying in the machine, and you would be cheering along hoping me would win big.

Are you a film buff? Did you know that I've never watched Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street? I am sure there are plenty of other horror films, that I have not seen as well??! But those are the 2 main ones that folks of my age range would always discuss as a kid. Or Chucky, don't like him, that doll is scary looking. Freaks me out. Totally!!! I think I've got the right films, I am laughing because I am far from an expert, point being that I only watch them both in my year of forties ...I was too much of a chicken. I prefer the happier and funnier movies. Not horror ...but after watching them I thought to myself, these are kind of dumb. I don't mean that in a rude way, like if you are a fan and those are the films you love, you enjoy, me, myself and I will watch the more lighthearted movies instead, LOL!!! I had put so much pressure of myself to not watch them that I did realize that they were really not that scary at all, I had just hipped them up and made it ...well blew it out of proportion and work myself up for no reason at all ... a bit shocking at times ... like when things jump out or they add that scary music in there to get you all nervous. The museum had tons of movie memorabilia. Which was tons of fun to check out ...they do allow visits for free, if you wish to play a game that when they charge ya. A daily fee or game for game, depending on how you wanna spend your funds.

I loved Super Mario Brothers game, due to the fact that my brother had the game. So cool. I was raised into a family who loved Star Wars, so I've always loved the older films, the tunes, the critters from that movie. The Ghostbusters, hopefully you can see all items, please recall that you can in fact zoom into the photos, just simply click and enlarge them. Hope you are well this week. Have you been a video game person, does this make you wanna get back into that hobby? Start a new one or what? So FUN!! Have a super great day. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy this 2024!!! Beth ( ;  


Linda said…
I avoid horror movies. Too scary!

My brother had a plastic pinball machine. I can remember what it felt like and how it sounded. It’s funny how something like that comes back to you.

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