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Looking on FB the hubby found these amazing birdhouses, so in the month of November 2023, we drove to see them. Christmas 2023 ...we gave away 2 bird house (the Indian to my MIL, the prospector to my mother) and did keep one for our collection (the pirate). We sure hope after our visit he did realize how amazingly talented he is and was making these amazing wooden art pieces. Art comes in all forms. Just amazing!! Do you work with your hands? Are you artistic? What's your hobby? This was such fun. Really glad my hubby found Dom ...such a genius ...our parents and the pirate we did keep was such a great Christmas gift for 2023 ...such a hit. He can be found online if you so desire. We love finding artists in or on our travels, so this is 1 we will never forget. What a blast, I think it is amazing how many artistic folks we have met who just don't realize how awesomely cool they truly are. Personally I think so many folks in this world place fame, and the awesome talents in the wrong sport ...the real cool folks are all around, you just have to open your eyes and find them right in your own woods. "In Your Very Own Backyard", so to speak. Have a great rest of your weekend. Thank you for stopping by. Take care. Beth ( ; 


They are indeed terrific. The problem that I have here is that squirrels love to chew on them and they don't last long. I have given up on wooden bird houses.
Linda said…
Wow, those are fantastic!

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