Unknown Milling??!


West of interstate 81, North of Lexington, VA - McClung Road, possibly???!

Hey there, can you believe it is January 2024???! Time sure does fly, doesn't it?? DON'T Blink!! seen in early July 2023, on a day drive. Are you in your forever HOME?? We are looking ...some where that we can build in a nice area, quiet, not busy, good view, we have a home in mind that is all on one floor, NO STAIRS ...and a huge garage for all the goodies. Land prices are nuts! All prices are nuts!!! I will not talk politics but I gotta say when folks say that things are good ...can you tell me where??! I tend to leave my hubby at home when need to grocery shop 'cause he is always say that it is SO PRICEY ...but it has been for sometime and just continues to increase ...not sure when it will drop???!!!! I am eating less meat ... when I do have meat it is just a wee bit ...what are you doing to save doe? Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


Linda said…
Interesting mill. Yes, the prices of real estate and groceries are high. Beef is ridiculous. Why is it so much more expensive than pork?

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