Hendersonville, NC


532 Kanuga Road, Hendersonville, NC 
(828) 595-2885

They are also in Greenville, South Carolina as well, Just a heads up there, in case you are dying to try them when out and about in the states!! This post in a bit of this and that of the NC area, figured I pull them all together, like we did when staying in this area, you were able to easily travel to and from...
& as I always say there are plenty of sights we didn't see, maybe you can add them to your travels ... we got 3 or 4 donuts, coffee and a breakfast sandwich to enjoy. They had lots of items to purchase, we were not liking the cost though. $$$ They were fun to see and take some pics of... LOL!!

Mill House Lodge
1150 W. Blue Ridge Road, Flat Rock, NC
(800) 736-6073

This room was apart of this lodge, it was an Air BNB, amazing how little of small you need to live, who needs all that extra space, so much more to dust, and keep clean... 
perfect spot to take in the local must see spots, really enjoying the central location ...able to see so much ...enjoy the views, local treats and historical spots. Didn't realize that this was Flat Rock, instead of Hendersonville, NC ...but they are super close ...lots of must see spots. Check them out! 

Right on one of the main street in Hendersonville, NC they had this cutie, he was just asking for his picture to be taken, Loved it!! Hope you did enjoy this visit to Hendersonville. Glad you stopped in. Take Care.  Beth ( ;


Linda said…
Chickens! I really like the purple one.

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