Old Man's Cave, Ohio


Old Man's Cave

"This recess cave was named for the "old man" Richard Rowe, a recluse who made the cave his home in the 1800s and is a part of the scenic Hocking Hills State Park, Hocking comes from the Wyandot Indian word "hockhocking" referring to the Hocking River's bottle shaped gorge near Lancaster. Streams and percolating groundwater carved the hollows and caves in this area from layers of sandstone bedrock that vary in hardness. The hollows moist, cool climate preserves more typically northern tree species such as eastern hemlock trees and Canada yew, which have persisted since the glaciers retreated 15,000 years ago. "

I was reminiscing about travels and photos that we have taken in the past the ones you can hang on your wall. Remember when you would get photos developed ...do folks do that any more???! Any who ...so nowadays you just have a cell phone and have pics on there, but at lot of the times I don't keep them, I will go in and delete the ones I am tired of ...but I miss seeing them as the years go by ...Trying to come up with ideas... Do you have any? What do you do? I think it was a video I watch on YouTube the person said they would have to be sent out (to develop the photos, they apparently no longer do that in store any more, guess that is 2 old school of technology for folks to take care in the stores, who knew??!) If you have ideas, tips, or tricks ...let me know. Thanks!!!

We were super lucky to meet this couple hiking as well, (I gotta say it, it amazes me the folks you meet, sometimes the sweetest of people, I pray they are well and doing great, they had driven the day to hike, I do believe they were from Kentucky, so not long for a hike but they both had the day off from work and wanted to get outdoors. Hope they had a blast. We had a nice get away. I must say travels get away from me, in that taking the time to make up posts and organize the photos, as well as live a life (exercising, cooking, baking, reading, all that jazz, it is nuts!! LOL!!) ...it is a true give and take (how do you live your life but enjoy your hobbies, all of your hobbies and not get weighted down by it all and lose track of what you love or like), and sometimes they get away from you ..."the details", recalling this or that, I do mean there, Please enjoy the view.) who we took their pictures and they did the same for us ...guess I could have used it for our Christmas card in 2023 ...but completely forgot ...and are you a person who still sends cards???! (The above text is from a plaque seen while hiking this area, figured you might enjoy know a bit of the history of that area. enjoy!) Thank you so much for visiting, always appreciate your visits, comments and chit chat. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


Jenn Jilks said…
I haven't been on a good hike in years. Just getting old and arthritic! Great post.
Linda said…
Imagine, living in a cave! People do strange things.

Since I blog every day, most of my better pictures end up there. Every six months I have a blog book printed by Blog2print, so that takes the place of a photo album.

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