Pretty Place, SC


Fred W. Symmes Chapel aka "Pretty Place"

Camp Greenville,

100 YMCA Camp Road, Cleveland, SC 29635

(864) 836-3291

"The Lord God Planted A Garden In The First White Days Of The World, And He Set There An Angel Warden In A Garment Of Light Enfurled. So Near To The Peace Of Heaven, That The Hawk Might Nest With The Wren, For There In The Cool Of The Even God Walked With The First Of Men. The Kiss Of The Sun For Pardon, The Song Of The Birds For Mirth - We Are Nearer God's Heart In A Garden Than Anywhere Else On Earth. 

-- Dorothy Frances Gurney

In Loving Memory Of:

Marjorie Roberts Cottingham: 1916-1984

Arthur Hallan Cottingham Jr.: 1911-1993

By Their Sons"

(This is seen on the side of the church, a plaque, I wanted to share it with you ...what a perfect place to praise the Lord and be so thankful for all our blessings, this view and be alive another day.)

Hey There!!! I think it's just amazing when you are driving to a place and you begin to wonder where you significant other is taking you???! Will we ever get there, what is taking so long??! This road will get you there someday. LOL!! Well, this sight is just gorgeous, I wish there was an easier way to take a picture without all the folks in it. But it is impossible. LOL!! Gorgeous!!! Be sure to check out their website for all the details and the history of how they arrived to this amazing location. So COOL!! Beth ( :


Jenn Jilks said…
You find the most amazing places. I am done traveling these days. Thanks for sharing yours!
Linda said…
Very nice. I think I would love being there.

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