Ash Cave Fire Tower

 Ash Cave Fire Tower, Hocking State Forest

built 1934, 80 feet tall 

The year of 2023, we found ourselves walking up 2 fire towers, I do believe and I think I am done with them ...they are hard on your legs, wow!! Make your knees hurt as well. A real weak feeling, I did get a bit nervous ...heights never bugged me as a kid ... scary times or at least nervous!!!! Because that ... I did share all photos, because I truly didn't know how many we got ... I left it up to Bryan ...he took them ... lol!! Are you a fan of HEIGHTS?? Thanks for braving the walk with us ...Have a blast. Till next time ...take care. Beth ( ; 


Jenn Jilks said…
Good for you!
I haven't been anywhere like this recently...
Linda said…
I haven’t been up in any tall fire towers lately. The view can be great but coming back down can be terrifying.

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