Ohio Covered Bridges


Johnson Covered Bridge

"Also referred to as the "Terry Mill Covered Bridge"

...1930, two full length windows and canopies were added to allow for visibility of the oncoming traffic ... remained in service until about 1990 when bypassed ...

restoration was completed in 1996... the longest-surviving covered bridge on public property ... she still sits on the original abutments.."

If you wish for more history and tidbits about the local area, please head to that website for that. I am breaking up all the local covered bridges in this bloggy post today. What fun! Please enjoy! 

Hannaway Covered Bridge, Ohio
7410 Clearport Road SW, Lancaster, Ohio 43130 

"She has suffered many damaging events over the years. Most recently, high water carried a huge tree that slammed into the bridge knocking it from the abutments. It was then raised, placed on a falsework (a temporary support platform) and restored using stone from old bridge abutments. Many truss timbers we replaced and a new floor laid. Restoration work was completed in 2017 by Shaw & Holter Inc of Lancaster"

What I really enjoy about the state of Ohio ...I guess I should be correct on what I am saying but these covered bridges that I am sharing Ohio really has done a great job of knowing or sharing their details ...in the past when I've been looking for details to share about the covered bridges I am wanting to share with you all I can not always find the details ...this is great ...so many tidbits to share. WAY AWESOME!! 

George Hutchins Bridge - 1904

"Originally crossed Clear Creek at Strickler Road Near Zane's Trace
Rebuilt in the year 2000 by Park Maintenance Staff using 30% original materials
Dedicated October 8, 2000"

McCleery - Walter Covered Bridge

"Originally constructed in 1864 by Jacob "Blue Jeans" Brandt to carry Leonard Road over Walnut Creek. Preserved by Jim and Jane Walter in 1983. Donated to the people of Fairfield County by Jim and Jane Walter in 2005. Restored and moved to this location by the Lancaster Parks and Recreation in 2006. 

Truss style: Multiple Kingpost 
Original length: 97 feet
Preserved length: 50 feet"

This 1 doesn't have a name on the front??! Wondering where it was in Ohio ...they have so many in that state ...so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a post ...gorgeous time in 2023. Hope you had a blast, thank you so kindly for your visits. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


Linda said…
Great covered bridges! The first one is my favorite.
William Kendall said…
Beautiful bridges. They are a rarity here.

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