The Old Stone Church

 The Old Stone Church, West Boylston, Massachusetts

"Clearing land at the site today known as the Thomas Basin. All structures and trees were removed before the valley was flooded to ensure a clean water supply. The Old Stone Church was the only building allowed to remain because it was constructed of stone."

"The Old Stone Church Built by The Baptist Society in 1892 

Restored in 1980 by the citizens of West Boylston and the M.D.C. to commemorate the town in this valley lost by the creation of the Wachusett reservoir declared a national historic landmark on April 13, 1973 rededicated on the 175 anniversary of the town's incorporation 1983."

Apparently this is the first post about State of MASSACHUSETTS, how exciting, ever been to this amazing state before?? I guess folks in the area of the great state of State of MASSACHUSETTS we did see ...didn't really have an accent that we could tell? You know how you assume something like that, but they didn't stand out to us?? Thoughts? opinions? I guess you have to go to the big city ... like Boston or such? What do you think? Take Care. Beth ( ; 


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