Bridge of Flowers


Bridge of Flowers, Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts

"The bridge with its graceful arches was constructed in 1908 for trolleys to convey raw materials from the railroad yard in Buckland across the Deerfield River to the factories in nearby hill towns. As a concrete structure, it could bear heavy loads better than the iron bridge that it parallels. With the advent of motorized vehicles, however by 1927 the trolley bridge became obsolete and the trolley company went out of business. Tearing down the bridge would have been prohibitively expensive. What's more, it carried the pipe that furnishes water to the town of Buckland." (for more info about the bridge and it's historical life, so interesting!! you will be amazed, I sure was. enjoy!)

Just a gorgeous area of Massachusetts. The bridge is closed for maintenance and will reopen in 2025. So that is great that we did make it for this visit in 2023. What gorgeous blooms, the bees were having a blast, enjoying all these pretty blooms, what a nice day, so pretty. Can you name a few? Enjoy! Thank you for your visit today, Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( :


Sandi said…
So lovely, Elizabeth!
Linda said…
What a remarkable bridge!

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