Pine Creek Rail Trail, PA


"only rail trail in the Appalachian Mtns. of north-central PA ...north of Wellsboro runs through Pine Creek Gorge ends at Jersey Shore ... length: 62 miles" (Be sure to click the link above to go to the visit PA website & plan you trip to this amazing area of PA, must see for sure!!!)

Gorgeous fall colors in 2023 ... Pennsylvania is 1 of the greatest states ...1 of my favorites. I've got relatives there, so it has been a state we have visited since I was a young 1. A trail you can easily ride, not to rough and tough, you can walk, bike, or even ride your four legged horse, just being silly there folks, bring your wife, bring your doggies, cats on a leash, maybe an alligator?!? ... Such great views, places to stop and enjoy the views, bring a snack & drink continue onward. Lots of access points ... hope you are well today. Sure glad you did stop in, Take care.  Beth ( ; 


Jenn Jilks said…
That is a beautiful spot! All those trees.
Linda said…
Looks pretty! We’re trying to get a rail trail here.

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