Three Mile Island, PA


Three Mile Island, PA (photo 3)
Chickies Rock (1, 2 and photo 4, where we had lunch)

"...accident was a partial nuclear meltdown of the Unit 2 reactor of the Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station on the Susquehanna River in Londonderry Township, near the capital city of Harrisburg, PA, March 28, 1979"

The first few shots are where we had lunch, if you know about PA they have lots of Sheetz, we think they were started in PA??!?! So we had seen a rabbit, so one you might see in a persons' home and it was in the shrubs around the parking lot, we were hoping that when we did come back to our truck after our lunch with a view, we would find it again and take it to a shelter, wondering why he was there in the first place? So odd??! You could see way in the distance the island where this accident did occur.

Point Rock Tunnel, Lancaster County River Trail, PA
NW Lancaster County River Trail, Columbia, PA 17512

"you will see relics of the historic PA Mainline Canal towpath, which the trail follows, including abandoned canal locks, iron furnaces, and an old quarry at Billmeyer."

This was a very busy bike path, folks doing all sorts, some bikers, lots of walking as well. Not sure I have ever seen a person with a radio that is blaring while riding a bike, it was something really loud like FOX news, LOL!! Hey, no knocking on this or that, whatever you wanna listen to, just do it within reason or please understand that no all wish to hear what you are listening to, you know what I am saying??! There when we were visiting in 2023 ...lots of black walnuts on the path, no good for bike riding. Thankful one man in front of us was kind enough to kick a bunch off the path for us, how kind. Love it when folks go the extra mile. Thank you mister. You're Awesome!!! ( ; 

Mariette Iron Furnace Park, Musselman-Vista Furnace 
4 Donegal Pl, Marietta, PA 17547

I did try to bring together this day, google is always fun to get photos in order, these travel sites are easily grouped together, might not be right around the corner from each other but so cool to see in person. it was a busy one ...full of biking, hiking, and riding in the truck. So cool. Great views. Your totally awesome for stopping by. Have a great day!!! Be Well, Take Care. Beth ( ; 


Jenn Jilks said…
Just so good to see. It takes me out of my yard!
Linda said…
Looks like a very interesting trail. Yes, I think Sheetz started in Pennsylvania. I really appreciate their restrooms, coffee, and easy tire inflation devices.
Ida said…
Such a cool looking place. Love the tunnel shot.

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