Durham, North Carolina

Gene Dillard's Fantasyland, Durham, NC 

"Strange Carolinas: The Travelogue Of The Offbeat"

Can you see the house? Totally covered in mosaic, neat, don't ya think? Very cool. I wonder what it looks like when the sunshine hits it? When we did visit it was a bit more of a dull dark rainy day. Still way cool to see it. Awesome!!!

West Point Mill, Durham, NC

"is a reproduction off the historic gristmill on the Eno River in north Durham, NC. The mill and other historic structures are preserved in the West Point on the Eno city park. The mill operates as part of a free tour on weekends, with mill-ground meal and flour available for purchase..."

We did visit this park in two different times, once with my hubby and then another time with my parents after the reunion when we did decide to walk off the meal we had just eaten. We felt full and needed to work of the belly ...taking a hike but come to find out the bridge that we would need to cross was closed, we found another way around but we did wonder why the signage was not informing folks of the CLOSED BRIDGE??! weird, don't ya think??! The hubs loves to find off the wall places to see ...this was 1 we got to see while in the area for my family reunion October 2023. It was a great fall time of the year ...good coloring ...who doesn't love fall? We sure do. It's our favorite time of the year ... why we got married in November. What's your favorite time of the year??! Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. ( ; 


This N That said…
Interesting looking house.. I Love old Mills. My favorite time of year is early spring and fall. Not a fan of heat and bugs...
Rose said…
You do find some interesting things to share...I would have loved to see this place. I LOVE that house.
Linda said…
I like spring and fall too. That’s a neat house and a great looking mill!

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