June 20 24


Pal's Sudden Services - (423) 246-9761

327 Revere St, Kingsport, TN 37660

"Fast-food chain, founded in 1956, serving up burgers, hot dogs & fries, plus breakfast fare"

Such great burgers, have you ever had the chance to have one???!! Delicious. We love their Razzie Tea (raspberry) or Peachie Tea (peach) I am thinking these are seasonal, but not sure there? You will have to check the next time you are visiting, very tasty good. This time we had "cheddar rounds" they were so good as well. I don't think we have ever had a bad meal at Pal's?!? Such quick service. Am I the only one who is hungering for a good ole' burger and fries. DROOLING!! lol. 

Roberts' Mill, Sugar Grove, Virginia
aka "Hamm's Mill", Highlander Road, Smyth County, Roller Mill, built in 1918.

Wythe County, Virginia (route 619)
Gleaves Road, go over Cripple Creek

The hubs and I were laughing that they would probably not be fixing this any time soon it didn't appear to be a busy area and would not be one that would need to be fixed quickly ...but as a neighbor wouldn't that be frustrating, if you needed to get over it quickly and whatnot.
Hey there, thank you so kindly for stopping by. These are a few more pics taken on our recent trip end of May beginning of June 2024. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


Sandi said…
I would expect waitresses on rollerskates in a place like that!
This N That said…
Places like that usually have good food. I hope that was your experience.
Linda said…
Great rural scenes! I had a burger yesterday in Front Royal from a place called Spelunkers. Old-time cooked to order, so juicy!

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