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Let's talk SUBARU, if you are someone who needs a new car, please do investigate, do you research and learn more about the SUBARU brand glad to be back in a SUBARU again, I feel safe, I feel secure and knowing that there are so many safety helpers (items that can assist) in this car, to watch out for us. Back to being a SUBARU family, if only we could get my hubs parents in one, maybe one day soon??!?! I miss my Crosstrek that I had 4 or was it 5 years ago ... it was orange, loved it. This is our beauty now, love her ... "LuLu" (Crosstrek Wilderness, 2024) the SUBARU, she is awesome, doesn't look like this really any more ... why because the hubby got to changing it ...he can not leave cars alone ... see Luigi below.

So you might have heard me chat about my car, in past bloggy posts, I was hesitate to show him because he is the only like him, there are tons of Fiat 500, I am sure WHITE ones at that, but ones with an Italian flag, not so many??!?! I was always a fan of the Mario Brothers and this was made up by my hubby (wide white tires, I think I said that right? so cute. dice on the value stems) ...the strips on the sides of the car and on the side mirrors and Italian flag on the roof ...I miss him but this is his new owner, living some where in North Carolina ... I am thankful to know he is one in piece (was sort of hesitate to just sell him to like a dealership or one of those pick them up kind of car selling places) and will live out his older car life in this man's hands ...I've met several Marios in my life ...but I have politely named him Luigi that is not his real name but in my eyes he will forever be known as my friend Luigi. LOL!! love that that cool beard, he had tattoos and an earring ...what a cool dude. I just hope that when I get to his age I will have the abilities to be so hip as he is, I mean come on now? COOL!! His son was awesome as well ...what a great Dad Son team!!!

Celebrating my birthday with my friend Carolyn ...May 23, I turned 46 ... Having friends is the best, always keep your loved ones close. Keep them knitted close, smile and laugh often. My friend population is not huge ...the ones who are there I love them to pieces. Our land, so we are making progress that is exciting. I (we) have learned so much and we are moving, but not that fast, I mean we are not millionaires so small tiny steps, it is all good, no worries. Never give up hope ...God is good and all that you wish for, can and does come true. Keep the faith!!! Thanks for visiting. Hope your week went well ... Tell me how life is? Good? Great? Weather? Take Care. Beth ( ; 


This N That said…
I hope you had a happy birthday.. Yes, it's important to keep your friends close. They are very important.
I had a Subaru a long long time ago actually ...I had two of them... Great cars!!Stay cool!
Linda said…
I love having a car with safety features. Mine is a Toyota, and I feel like it helps me to drive more safely.

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