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Soda Pop's Ice Cream, 125 Everett Street, Bryson City, NC. (828) 788-0013

Hey there, friends. I appreciate you all for visiting and commenting, you are always so super kind. I have been checking out some ole' bloggy friends that I've not visited in years. Not that I forgot about them just kind of missed placed them or didn't visit as much as I once did. Is that not the best? Playing catch up and chatting up a storm? How, you might ask? I went back into my comments from a long time ago and found their blogs and visited. You gotta keep up with your friends. 

So this cutie was on a recent trip we took in May beginning of June 2024. We got to the Smoky Mtn, Tennessee oh man ... the green ...they have definitely been lucky in the rain department, so lush and green there. 

Now all of these sights were not seen in 1 day, but over multiple days, like 5 it was a long journey of backroads over days. Ever had "Pal's Sudden Service", great burgers, fun drinks, they have some fun meals to be had, check out the locations to see if there is one you can get to on your next trip?!??!

Now if you know anything about the hubs and myself, we don't enjoy driving interstates unless it is so a need, we prefer the back roads or dirt roads even!! I am sorry to say this but I don't love Gatlinburg, TN, it is just to busy for my liking, I truly get the itches going through there, the traffic is nuts, the people (pedestrians) will walk out right in front of you and I get it, I know they need to get across the road but don't just do it, without getting the drivers' knowing what the heck is going on ... I feel my heart about break out of my chest over the anxious feelings. So we took a lot of back dirt roads through TN and NC to get to our air bnb. so awesome. 

Wildlife, birds, it was awesome! I-40 is nuts!!! To many truckers don't get me wrong, I get why they are traveling there but it doesn't make me feel more at ease knowing it. LOL!! (Route 32) (route 1397 "Old Cataloochee Turnpike", kind of a part of this road, as well) - starts paved toward Cataloochee Valley, TN) (pics of this are below, kind of like Cades Cove)

Harrisburg Covered Bridge, Cherokee Hills, TN. "Sevierville

I am going to try to see the name of the beauty, the man were working on it, you should be able to see them in the first picture, do enlarge if you need 2, you can always do that with my bloggy posts, details, it is in the DETAILS!! LOL!!! putting on a new roof, I love seeing covered bridges being worked on and kept in great condition, so awesome!!! 

Meadow Creek Fire Tower, Cocke County, TN. 
Route 107, Houston Valley, Recreation Area

Not one of the tallest fire towers, I can still feel those in my legs, are you like me and always wondering how you can get that back leg muscle to relax??? No matter how much walking, hiking or other exercises I do, they still go nuts sometimes!!!! Fun times, a view to see for miles, are you one who enjoys knowing what you are looking at, sadly the sign was messed up by graffiti so I was curious if all we were looking was just the state of TN or ???! Look at those CLOUDS, such a gorgeous area.

A drive similar to Cades Cove,  Route 32 (route 1397 "Old Cataloochee Turnpike", kind of a part of this road, as well) (seen above, the gavel road) - starts paved toward Cataloochee Valley, NC.

Bible Covered Bridge, Greeneville, TN. built 1923, stretches across little Chuckey creek. There are several inside shots of this bridge but I can't show them, because the graffiti drives me bonkers, why kids or adults, whomever did it will destroy a piece of history in such fashion just is not cool. 

Please, Get a hobby, do something great with your time you have here in this world, open a charity, help a little brother or little sister, smile and folks, tell a joke, travel, jump in a puddle, walk the roads, tie dye? Why ruin a beauty like this it does seem so so so silly.

The view from the air bnb (Cosby, TN) we did stay in ... so fun! The Smoky mtns are the best, gorgeous!! Now this was a long post, if you read it through to the end, I say a big thank you, big big hugs and glad you stopped in today. Hope you had a blast checking out the views. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


Sandi said…
Oh! That soda shop looks delightful. :)
Sandi said…
Oh! That soda shop looks delightful. :)
Linda said…
So many great shots here! It makes me want to get back out on the road, although my eyes get fatigued too easily to drive very far these days. I’m hoping that gets better soon.

People need to teach their kids to respect the natural beauty of places so they don’t feel compelled to paint on them. I like the back roads too. Sometimes I set my GPS and then drive it a little bit crazy by going off the highway to drive the back road.
Linda said…
P.S. Be sure to stay hydrated and get minerals and salt. It may help those leg cramps.

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