Rugby, TN


Rugby Schoolhouse, 1907
"Rugby, originally conceived as a class-free, agricultural community for the younger sons of English gentry, was named after Thomas Hughes’ alma mater in England. One of the best things about Historic Rugby is that though most colonists left by 1900, enough people remained to ensure its survival.

Starting in 1880, it was at its peak in the mid-1880s, with about 300 people living in the colony. More than 60 buildings of Victorian design graced the townscape on East Tennessee’s beautiful Cumberland Plateau. Hughes originally envisioned this community as a cooperative enterprise, with a cultured, Christian lifestyle, free of the rigid class distinctions of Britain. .."

The day we did visit in 2023, fall time visiting was windy and very chilly out, so we only saw a very small amount of Rugby. Chatted with the lady working in the gift shop and used their restroom. Gorgeous architecture and fun to see how it was all surviving. Thanks for stopping by. Take Care. Enjoy your day, see you again soon. Beth ( ; 


Sandi said…
Oh, that fence and walkway is inviting! 🌹
Linda said…
I like those buildings! And happy June to you!
Yogi♪♪♪ said…
Now that is unique!!

I got your email the other day and then for some reason I couldn't find it so I had to go looking for you and here you are. It was great hearing from you!! Us old, I mean experienced bloggers need to stick together. Blogging is not as widespread as it used to be.
Take care!!

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