Country Roads, Virginia


Rappahannock County, VA

"Hittles Mill", Zachary Taylor Hwy, Flint Hill, 
Rappahannock County, VA

Laurel Mills Store, Rappahannock County, 4 pics above
461 Laurel Mills Road, Castleton, VA
(540) 937-3015

Blue Ridge Grocery, Country Store, Since 1929 
(photographed with Luigi in front of this cutie!!!)

These spots were so fun to see, we made it to Rural King for tractor shopping, no purchasing just doing some research some vinegar was $2.99 a bottle more reasonable than groceries stores these days. Found some vases at the local Goodwill. Had lunch, gasoline and got some coffee from Sheetz. Made it to several shops that the hubby has been wishing to check out because previously visits they have been closed so that made him super happy!!! I will say that the slave quarters (we are guessing but we assume that is what these are, there were no signs or such to know for sure, just guessing.) were along the road, now those were not on the main road (we try really hard to keep off the main roads, you don't see the great historical places, unique stuff, odd or unusual spots, etc.) ...but what great history (why I feel so blessed to live in this great state. Virginia is awesome!!!!) that has been preserved so well. History is just every where within Virginia. Please be sure to click that link on the mill to be sure to learn about the history that amazing mill holds. Will give ya chills, way cool!!! The Blue Ridge Grocery the owner has such amazing stories to tell, I love finding and meeting great folks like him ...he was just amazing. Gave us some advice of must see spots ...we even gave him a few as well. Travel tips are the best!

I know that you realize I do work up my post ahead of the time, why? I always have photos to share and try to keep ahead of them to recall where we were and what we were visiting. These were taking February 2024 weekend of the 25th (Sunday) it was a pretty nice day temperature wise. We headed to Front Royal, Virginia ...a nice drive in the country and not to close to Washington D.C. ...the hubby will often say that he would love to live here but then he would have to go into the D.C. area to do his job ...that wouldn't be his cup to tea. we stay where we are ... has any1 noticed the HUGE DROP IN COMMENTS, these days? I just don't have the time to visit folks like I once did. Sorry about that bloggy friends, I love your visits and I am thankful for the ones who make a chance to see me, LOVE that!! Thank YOU!!! Always sweet of you to do that ...but don't ya wonder why those others never stop by again? Did I say something wrong? Or what? Do they not have time to see you any more? I've noticed the still visit others?? I must admit it kind of hurts my pride. Oh well, I do what I wish, share what I wish ...Que Sera Sera ...whatever ever will be, will be. Take Care and see you again really soon. Be Well. Be Blessed. Beth ( ;  


Jenn Jilks said…
I am finding that some bloggers are dropping off. I have social anxiety and all my friends are online these days. I have no social life. It's just the way of things.
I do enjoy your blog posts!
Linda said…
Yes, those little houses are said to be slave quarters. I stopped going to that Rural King in Front Royal after seeing a number of mice in different parts of the store. I like the town’s historic Main Street and Chester Street.

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