"E. Lizard Breath Speaks" who is that??? 

I'm Elizabeth, "E" for short, family calls me "Beth". 
My home is Virginia. 

October 12, 2011 started "E." Lizard Breath Speaks", where I chat travel. On October 14, 2014, I started "Hike 2 Forty and beyond", chat all things books. I changed my travel (main) blog to "E. Lizard Breath Travels". You want readers who stop by to get your point, what are you going to chat on, share about. I did have an author suggested that to me, she knows who she is and I thank her for that advice!! Once I got to the rip ole' age forty, I knew I had to come up with another name for my book blog so it became: "E. Lizard Breath Reads". My hubby found a hull so we had to start "Mister E Boat", where we chat 'bout the history of the boat, how it all began and hoping to get it completed before 2060. In March 2020, I got the bright idea to shorten those blog names: "E travels" and "E reads".

"E travels":
We have been so lucky to have traveled 48 states! Started in a "Kodiak" tent, loved it. Then we started camping in a "Roadtrek, 170 Popular, 2008". Which is where we really did the most of our US traveling in and a lot of Canadian travels as well. Those wheels got around!!! But it was too small. We knew we had made a good decision to give up the tent and then Roadtrek, we prefer being behind a closed door when you see bears running around, getting into others trash cans. Now we have a "Casita, Independence Deluxe, 2015". We had it done up with lots of modifications, we traveled to Rice, TX to pick it up and never have looked back. We really enjoy it. Can't imagine going bigger and sure don't wanna go ANY smaller!!! It feels the most smallest in the rain ...when we camp it doesn't RAIN!! I mean the skies are always CLEAR, BRIGHT & HAPPY. (LOL!! kidding.) With only Alaska & Hawaii left to check out, We've traveled 7 provinces of Canada and one day hope to overseas.

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