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Seelye House, KS

Seelye House "Luxurious 25-room 1905 mansion & gardens" 1105 N Buckeye Ave, Abilene, KS
As you can see from the last few weeks we were super lucky to get to see lots around the area of Abilene, Kansas because we were there in Sept. 2019 for a trailer rally. We enjoy so many local spots ...and old-timey hardware store that the Eisenhowers did visit. A donut shop, Mexican restaurant. I might not have taken pics of these places but they were just so fun. I bet it would really be gorgeous here during the warm months, all the blooming plants and flowers? A few tidbits I will give ya ceilings on porches often are thought to keep birds from poohing every where? Wonder if it works??! In the dinning room there is a spot under where the lady of the house sat, that she could step on that would buzz the servants to let them know she needed something asap! Don't wait, her guests need more food, drink or dessert maybe? Apparently during the Christmas season, the owner of t…
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Place of Meditation, KS

Resting Place "Place of Meditation" Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th President Mamie Doud Eisenhower Doud Dwight - Dwight & Mamie's 1st born son, interred in 1966.
Today we are visiting the location of our 34th US President final resting place, I wish to take a moment to give you a take on these pics if you will please ... As a kid I never seemed to have a thought or issue with taking a grave side picture ...but as a I grow older ...I feel a bit different ...I am not meaning to disrespect the person or??? It just feels odd??! (As a kid I wanted a memory of being there, done that kind of thing, now?) When we visited this location, you feel the sense of peace & quiet. Like you didn't want to yell. I mean nobody was around, we were the only 2 in the building. We certainly would not be bugging the Eisenhower's, they are resting in peace ... now I never mean to disrespect EVER. I am just curious? I just googled a word to make sure I was using the correct term ... I…

Eisenhower Museum, KS

Hey There!! Today we are visiting the Eisenhower Museum ...I will share with you several views that were my most faves (sorry for the glare, that is extremely tough to not get that when you are viewing items at museums, but these views were just 2 great to not share, a great time era, the fashion, the black and white photography, I really enjoy that!).... so many amazing times throughout his life and presidency. Great quotes, memorabilia, keepsakes and special moments. I think Mamie & I would have a ball chatting up a storm, her style is just amazing (I think my favorite dress is that floral one, I want to order one right now, where can I order one up, sign me up?!!! Is that not gorgeous!!!) ...I really enjoyed seeing so much about her. Loved it!! Please do enjoy!!! If you did miss "post 1" or maybe "post 2"? Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Be Well & Be Blessed!! Beth ( ;

Presidential Library, KS

Welcome, today we will visit the Eisenhower Presidential Library, enjoy it won't ya?!! Just so you know they were doing renovations on it so we could only see a few bits and pieces!!! I do wonder what sort of meetings, good moments, or laughing happened around here??! I really enjoy the 3rd shot ...looking out into the area around the library (the building in front that you see off in the distance is the Eisenhower Museum.). If you did miss post one please go here: "post one". Whenever I see places like this I wonder how much of the design the family or friends of that certain President did have a "say so" about it all? Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Be Well & Be Blessed! Beth ( ;

Eisenhower House, Abilene, KS

Hi there, Hope you are well today. I must say that I had this post completely finished, thought it was saved and blogger (google) had other ideas. LOL!! So I am working on it again. I did walk away for a while, was working on the post way about in Thanksgiving 2019. Don't you get your posts ready ahead of the time you do share them? I do. 'cause I never know what the hubby will have planned, that is one thing I have learned about marriage, you completely throw all you knew as a kid out the window when you marry someone completely different than your Dad!! When I did some research to tell you guys about this amazing President, we were visiting Kansas in Sept. 2019 that was not yesterday, I had to re-jog my brain (memory). 
When in school I don't recall ever chatting about this President. Which looking back is extremely sad, he really did a lot or whatnot for our country is not the point of good or bad, I am not making it about my opinion or politic opinion ther…

Boone Hall Plantation

I would recommend this plantation to tour "Boone Hall Plantation" while visiting in the Charleston, SC area ...we were there in Nov 2019 ...why you might ask? Gorgeous gardens, home, lovely area of SC and just so fun to see. I really enjoy the tour guide we did have, her gorgeous dress, can you imagine wearing one of those puffy dress, getting around and wow, how did those ladies do it? I guess they didn't work to hard, huh??! One funny item I recall from the tour ...did u know? "The servants when bringing the food from the kitchen (not in the home during that time era) to the table for dinner, would have to HUSH THOSE PUPPIES, they were hoping they would drop something for them to eat and enjoy they got the name "hushpuppies" ???! Have u ever heard that one? They are just delicious!! I really enjoy them with a bit of butter, kind of like when I eat a slice of homemade bread. ((Hush puppies are a favorite part of Southern cuisine and are traditiona…

Art Work from James Island

"Holiday Festival of Lights", James Island County Park, Charleston, SC., we were there Nov 2019, this art work was done by school kids ... I was curious how they did decide how to rate or judge them? Ones I felt that were really good ...didn't do as well? I wonder??! If you will investigate the first piece of art ...the blue waves are made from BLUE STRAWS. The bottom of the boat is made from bottle caps. Very cool, resourceful and creative!!! Are you an art fan? Which sort do you enjoy most? Have a favorite color? ENJOY! Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Be Well & Be Blessed!! Beth ( ;