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Berry Hill Resort, South Boston, VA

Hey There!! This is the 3 and final post about Berry Hill I will focus on the resort section. It is just a quick walk to the plantation. 
That's the point of what makes Berry Hill great for folks who love talking walks it is a chance to enjoy the property ...runner, walkers, athletes, movers and groovers, y'all will love this!!! 
You can see that the views do change ...some rainy views are from our arrival on Friday and then Saturday into Sunday was the best days for pics sunny and more happy. They do have a pool, there is also a spa (including massages, pedicures and manicures, etc.) if you make arrangement to see them. Do enjoy. Be sure to catch up if you have missed the past 2 posts about the Berry Hill Plantation. "BERRY HILL PLANTATION, SOUTH BOSTON, VA"  and "STAIR OBSESSED!!!"
I sure hope you have enjoyed these posts as much as I have was so much fun to be around family and just enjoy the time away. I hope to again see them ...…

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