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Ransone's Drug Store

Ransone's Drug Store 19771 Main St, Buchanan, VA 24066
first stop a day at the end of June 2020: "Big Otter Mill, Bedford, VA", second stop: "Appalachian Trail, Big Island, VA" and the third stop: "Buchanan Swinging Bridge". This spot was the final post of that day. Actually they were seen in a totally different order in real life (drive time, you know how those wheels roll) ...I did arrange them differently here on the blog. 
They sure don't make these kind of drug stores any more, now do they??!! Such character!! We got a turkey sandwich and a chicken quesadilla, 2 drinks ... and took those 2 go. I was not there, I waited in the car ...I will say do what makes you comfortable, I keep saying that to my friends and family, it is just such an odd time, work with what you feel is right and do what you can ...I don't feel always comfortable doing public situations during these "mask wearing time", so I don't always go (if I get …
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Buchanan Swinging Bridge

Buchanan Swinging Bridge 19908 Main St, Buchanan, VA 24066
A beautiful place to take a picnic lunch, and we did just that lunch at the "Ransone's Drug Store", I'll be sharing that post next week. We enjoyed this view, and just chilled. Or tried too??! It was a pretty humid hot day. Thank goodness for AC!! This bridge is closed. Not sure if it is due to the virus going around or what??! It looked to be in good condition?? I wonder ... fun to see. Thank you for stopping by. Hope you are well. Beth ( ;

Appalachian Trail, Big Island, VA

Appalachian Trail, Big Island, VA. 24526 James River Foot Bridge Dedicated: October 14, 2000
These were taken on the same day when we did visit "Big Otter Mill, Bedford, VA", if you did miss that post, please check it out ...always fun to see bits and pieces of the Appalachian Trail. Such a gorgeous area of Virginia. A bit of a breeze out on those waters. I saw some folks kayaking and I was so jealous ...wish we would have had our kayaks. Wish a train would have come by when we were walking out there, that would have been way awesome!! I could have video taped that, maybe next time??! Hope you are well this week. THANKS, for stopping by. See ya next time! Beth ( ;

Big Otter Mill, Bedford, VA

Big Otter Mill  Circa: 1880 - 1951 3533 Big Island Hwy, Bedford, VA. 24523
"also known as Forbes Mill, is a historic grist mill located near Bedford, VA.  2 1/2 story, mortise-and-tenon framed mill"
Hey There!! Hope you are good this week. We took a ride in the country in our convertible and saw this gorgeous grist mill. You could hear the water when you immediately parked. Such a pretty ole' sound. We were the only ones there, a great place to take a picnic lunch, walk or just look around??! A lovely summer day. End of June day trip. A few of these shots I took with my hand held camera ...others the hubby took with his Android cell phone ...i think they were all so awesome 2 not sure??! ENJOY!!
How's your life going? Thanks, for stopping by. Beth ( ;

Mid America Motorworks, Illinois

Mid America Motorworks - "My Garage Museum" 17082 N US Highway 45 Effingham, IL 62401-6764
So we were in Effingham, Illinois early June 2020 during the "mask wearing times" know how so many folks were taking "selfies" with their mask on ... NOT ME ...didn't realize that the hubby took this shot there I am with my mask on ...NOT PRETTY ... i don't like it one bit ... can't breathe ...feel i am like cousin to Darth Vader, LOL!! I feel so like my space is so tiny ... have to go to my "happy place". So frustrating ...but any who ... happier thoughts. I am not sure why there is a BMW parked at the garage? it was not open ...but the hubby took some pics, looked through the window and captured several pics as well it was fun moments or 2. 
I will tell you I know what they call this area "Effingham"? 'Cause that silly STOP LIGHT got us each and every time. LOL!! just kidding folks, but it sure was hilarious…

Thompson Mill Covered Bridge

Thompson Mill Covered Bridge, Cowden, Illinois - 1868
This bridge crosses the Kaskaskia River. 160 foot 4 inch Howe truss bridge is only  7 inches wide, making it the narrowest covered bridge in Illinois.
I will NOT be zooming on this covered bridge ...sadly the locals ...not sure if teenagers or adults ...but some one has spray painted this beauty, with horrible, unspeakable language ...we always JOKE, if you can joke about such a rude manner, at least spell it right, if you are going to write it??! so silly ...why oh why we allow our folks to damage and deface such historical locations ...I don't know??! I just can not put into words, understand, comprehend just blows my mind. I can not honestly figure out how to give kids these days the information (the stories, why these items are so important to where we were, are, how we got to this place, etc.??!) on how to learn that these items are important ...The men that build these masterpieces with their bare hands ...I mean I can…

Gene Goodwin Park, Gays, Illinois

Gene Goodwin Park, Gays, Illinois Two-Story Outhouse
sign says:"Thanks for visiting The World Renown Historical Two Story Outhouse Outhouses are original pieces of history. They are disappearing with no proof that they ever existed. Outhouses were once an important part of everyday life, and their historic contribution should be recorded for prosperity. The outhouse is a fast disappearing piece of architecture. The young people hardly know anything about these little structures and have no understanding of the lifestyle that went with them. Preserving history is our goal"
From the pictures included here (they are glaring, too much sun that day these were taken, chatting with a few locals and several of our camping friends as well) ...this was a 2 story home ...separate families on each level ...holes are not over each other, just a path or place to walk out over each other to use the restroom, so it is officially a 2 story outhouse ... for your information or a better explanati…