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St. John's Episcopal Church, New York

If I was making up a story or dreaming about a church, this would be very similar to the one I would create or write about, it is just so cute, I wonder what it looks like inside??! St. John's Episcopal Church, New York, I am unsure of the city??! I did try to google it, but no luck? ...a trip we took gosh way about near my birthday May 23 ish, 2018 we saw this beauty. I got a few shots from my truck seat. So pretty, I love springy moment. Enjoy! I would have never guessed that St. John would be such a popular name, but apparently in New York is a very popular church name??! 
UPDATE: since writing this post I've gotten more info: 110 Chestnut St. Youngstown, NY. 14174, Gothic Revival architecture, "St. John's Episcopal Church is a historic Episcopal church located at Youngstown in Niagara County, New York. It is a Gothic Revival style board and batten frame church constructed in 1878."  
have a great day. i appreciate your comments. see ya again real soon. Beth (…

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