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Faith Chapel, Georgia

Faith Chapel Est. 1904 Jekyll Island, Georgia

Faith In Community
(this sign is posted outside of the church, figured I would share the words...)
At the peak of the winter season the community of Jekyll Island Club was at time rather large - and it quickly outgrew its original chapel. In the new chapel not only the members worshiped, but employees and guests were also found among the choir and congregation.

Only the Club family enjoyed a wedding at Faith Chapel, but many employees used the chapel for weddings. Several baptisms and even a few funerals were held in the church.

It was not open for visitors was under construction / repair? I was so curious, what is that statement? "curiosity kills the cat" ... will it about killed Beth?? I did google it ...and what a beauty, the ceiling, would have been so cool 2 see, how horrible to not get to see it in person when we were right there??! I'm happy to see what it was like, thanks you the folks who added their pics online?…

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