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Cumberland River Bicentennial Trail, TN

 Cumberland River Bicentennial Trail, we were camping out at Lock A Campground,  1797 Cheatham Dam Road, Ashland City, TN This trail is at the back of that campground, so it was super cool, most folks who have stayed there didn't even know it was there, once you get to riding you might as well get to the end. Some folks were biking like us, other just walking, great for photography ...amazing sights. Birds, fishing, whatever to be had. So we went about 7 miles give or take about 14 miles total. Which is not something we do on the daily, so my muscles were like HELLO the next day!! LOL!! But it was still fun and later on, I realize I had gotten a flat fire, that was like an what in the world did I run over??! Thanks, for stopping by. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 

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