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Bancroft Tower

  Bancroft Tower Bancroft Tower Road, Worcester, MA 01602 (508) 799-1190 "56 foot high, natural stone and granite tower, miniature feudal castle ... erected in 1900, in memory of Worcester native politician, historian, and stateman George Bancroft ... construction was roughly $15,000"  A plague in the ground in front of this beauty does say: "Bancroft Tower This Tower Was Built In 1900 To Honor The Memory Of George Bancroft 1800-1891 Born At The Foot Of This Hill He Rose To The Posts Of Secretary Of The Navy Founder Of The U.S. Navel Academy, Annapolis, Maryland U.S. Minister To Great Britain And Germany This Memorial Was Built By His Friend And Admirer Stephen Salisbury III" Funny how my hubby does find such great places to visit. We had a blast! The Air BNB that we did stay in the Massachusetts area was way cool, I think we have  several pics of it, I will be sure to share that with you soon ...I know we probably have the insides ...will check. Still weeding mysel

The Old Stone Church

 The Old Stone Church, West Boylston, Massachusetts "Clearing land at the site today known as the Thomas Basin. All structures and trees were removed before the valley was flooded to ensure a clean water supply. The Old Stone Church was the only building allowed to remain because it was constructed of stone." "The Old Stone Church Built by The Baptist Society in 1892  Restored in 1980 by the citizens of West Boylston and the M.D.C. to commemorate the town in this valley lost by the creation of the Wachusett reservoir declared a national historic landmark on April 13, 1973 rededicated on the 175 anniversary of the town's incorporation 1983." Apparently this is the first post about State of MASSACHUSETTS, how exciting, ever been to this amazing state before?? I guess folks in the area of the great state of State of MASSACHUSETTS we did see ...didn't really have an accent that we could tell? You know how you assume something like that, but they didn't stand

Austin Dam Memorial Park

"Around 3,000 people were in Austin that day, and the catastrophic failure of the dam resulted in the death of 78 of them and roughly $10 million in property damage." built in 1909, the largest dam of it's type in PA at the time.. .served area "Bayless Pulp and Paper Mill" They there lots of more tidbits from Wikipedia ...why is it when you wanna share a link of a website it acts weird ...and doesn't do properly, sorry but the link I did try to share wouldn't share (has any 1 noticed, I have tried using MSN browser and then Google browser ...and found that if I wanna comment on your blogs that I have to use Google ...but a lot of the times MSN will say we refuse to go to certain websites, I know they are not harmful but MSN just will not go?? Do you get it? So I will go to my cell phone and do it from there weird? confuses me. What about you??!!?!) ...any who............................ .. .. if you wanna learn more about this area please do check

Ash Cave Fire Tower

 Ash Cave Fire Tower, Hocking State Forest built 1934, 80 feet tall  The year of 2023, we found ourselves walking up 2 fire towers, I do believe and I think I am done with them ...they are hard on your legs, wow!! Make your knees hurt as well. A real weak feeling, I did get a bit nervous ...heights never bugged me as a kid ... scary times or at least nervous!!!! Because that ... I did share all photos, because I truly didn't know how many we got ... I left it up to Bryan ...he took them ... lol!! Are you a fan of HEIGHTS?? Thanks for braving the walk with us ...Have a blast. Till next time ...take care. Beth ( ; 

Ohio Covered Bridges

  Johnson Covered Bridge "Also referred to as the "Terry Mill Covered Bridge" ...1930, two full length windows and canopies were added to allow for visibility of the oncoming traffic ... remained in service until about 1990 when bypassed ... restoration was completed in 1996... the longest-surviving covered bridge on public property ... she still sits on the original abutments.." If you wish for more history and tidbits about the local area, please head to that website for that. I am breaking up all the local covered bridges in this bloggy post today. What fun! Please enjoy!  Hannaway Covered Bridge, Ohio 7410 Clearport Road SW, Lancaster, Ohio 43130  "She has suffered many damaging events over the years. Most recently, high water carried a huge tree that slammed into the bridge knocking it from the abutments. It was then raised, placed on a falsework (a temporary support platform) and restore