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Green River Lake State Park, Kentucky

"Green River Lake State Park, Campbellsville, Kentucky" . It was a workout to say the least, on this kayaking adventure. Rowing out & then back in to get ready for the evening supper. You really beginning to think that the currents always change for us, pushing against you and really makes you work even harder to go where you wish. Please enjoy this vlog from our day. Thanks, for stopping by today. Hope you are well. See you again soon. Take care. Beth ( ;

Sims Drug, Wilmore, Kentucky

Sims Drug, 319 E. Main St. Wilmore, Kentucky, 40390. Opens 9 am 'til 6 pm. A great place to stop in to yester-years, pick up your drug store needs and get a bite to eat. We got some band aids, chicken salad sandwich, meatball sub, pickles, chips, 1 soda & a milkshake. Curious minds wish to know? Why is it that these kind of dill pickles are the bestest? They really are good, so you think well I will buy some from the grocery store, but they are never that delicious? Any thoughts?  Thank you for stopping by today, hope you are well. See you again really soon. Take care, Beth ( :

Beech Fork State Park, Barboursville, West Virginia

"Beech Fork State Park, West Virginia" . A very dark, rainy looking kayaking trip. We stayed in the no power section. We were the only ones in that section, so it was super quiet & very nice. Lots of deer and other creatures running around. I did skin my shin, while kayaking this trip, hurt like the dickens. Why do small hurts, hurts so much?????!! OUCH!! Here is a vlog from the day. Enjoy!!! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are having a super great day. See you again soon. Beth ( ;

Hungry Mother State Park, Marion, Virginia

These are the views we had while kayaking at "Hungry Mother State Park" , Marion, Virginia. We were there Sept 2016, so the light was going into the later evening, it was breezing cold ...not the easiest kayaking experience ... if we would have had more water, we might have had the ability to row from our campsite ... but the waters were way low ... so we had to sneak in at a higher water location ... the waters were / maybe I should say the winds were pushing against us, so we didn't go to far from our camping spot. You may ask why the name here is what I got when googling it "Hungry Mother State Park in Virginia is named after Hungry Mother Creek. The creek was supposedly listed on a 1774 land survey as "Hungers Mother" creek. The Name "Hungry Mother" was not officially attached to it until 1929." I was not sure, so that is why I decided I better look it up to see, I was curious too. Here is a short vlog from that

Loretta Lynn's Ranch, Hurricane Mills, Tennessee

"Loretta Lynn's Ranch" , 8000 Highway 13 South, Hurricane Mills, Tennessee 37078. I have always loved Loretta Lynn's country style music. She is just a legend I knew when the hubby suggested we stay in her campground, I was super excited. I assumed that when you would be staying at her campground, it would sort of be included in the stay price to see all her treasures and tours. Nope, to see anything of the museum or anything else, you would have to pay even more to see her home, museum or bus, etc. WHAT??!! So we walked around and saw what we could see for free, then headed to the campground. I am a very experienced camper ... I have stayed at really pricey campgrounds and very cheap campgrounds ... so we have been there done that, kind situation. So the price we paid I would have thought the campground would have been in better condition. & it was such a letdown that it was not that great.  VERY SAD FACE. : ( These shot