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High Amana General Store, Amana, Iowa

What do you need to know about this store? Lots of awesome goodies. The parents & brother loved all the items we have given them. jellies, jams, sodas & soaps. The lady there was super friendly, so helpful and had such great stories to tell us of the area. Do you want to visit the "Amana Colonies"? As you know when we travel the hubby does tons of research. Looking up what is a "must see" & all that jazz. We only really had time for the store & the Amana Woolen Mill (I'll show that soon), maybe next time we are in that area will have a chance to see more. Have you visited there before? Beth ( :

Skidmore Reservoir, Virginia

On gorgeous clear day 6/29/2015, the hubby & I went to "Skidmore Reservoir, Virginia" to kayak & to see if the claim on this website was true... "If you would like to fish in one of the most beautiful places in the Commonwealth, then Skidmore Reservoir is the place for you."

Please take a listen to this vlog. We did talk to a local who said this reservoir is normally very quiet and no one around. For some reason this day there was a big girl group there, at least 20 or more. Guess we will have to get back there when it is more calm. it's 118 acres. We are not fisher-folks, but we love a gorgeous lake, reservoir or any kind of body of water. So fun!! What do you think, is this reservoir living up to the claim?  Beth ( :

Douthat State Park, Millboro, Virginia

On 6/28/2015 the hubby & I took a drive to "Douthat State Park", which is in Millboro, Virginia. Such a cool state park. It was an overcast kind of day. Very windy. So fun. I do wish to introduce to you "Violet" our newest Serta sheep, #60. She has violet eyes & violet ribbon around her neck. So cute. 10 total sheep. We have 3 girls & 7 boys. The girls are still outnumbered. Nuts!!! 

Please take a listen to this vlog of the day on the windy 50 acre lake. All sorts of hiking, biking, camping & water fun is to be had at this state park. Beth ( :

hiking Wilburn Ridge

This is one of the hiking trails at Grayson Highlands State Park, Mouth of Wilson, Virginia .. called Wilburn Ridge. It goes through part of the Appalachian Trail. So fun. Such a gorgeous day on Monday June 15th which was the hubby's day off a fun camping trip. We got tons of exercise and can't wait to go again there. The temperatures there are so much cooler. Beth ( :

Grayson Highlands State Park, Virginia

"Grayson Highlands State Park, Mouth of Wilson, Virginia". We took a quick trip on the hubby's days off ... Sunday June 14th - Monday June 15th. This was our 2nd time camping at this state park. They have awesome hiking.

We took the "Virginia Creeper Trail" which was a 1st for us. Please check out a vlog from the bicycling trip above there, lots of pull-offs to take in & enjoy the views. Contemplate Life, Major Decisions, just Veg??! Have you been? Loved it, can't wait to do it again. Beth ( :

Velkommen Danish Windmill, Elkhorn, Iowa

"Velkommen Danish Windmill, Elkhorn, Iowa". 1848. Just amazing architecture. I will be sharing the mini church that was on the property very soon on my other blog "Hike2Forty and beyond", hope you will stay tuned in for that, super cute & oh so tiny. Beth ( :

Pony Express, Gothenburg, Nebraska

"Pony Express, Gothenburg, Nebraska", such a cool cabin. such amazing history!! so many artifacts to check out & enjoy! Beth ( :

Runza, Nebraska

Southwest Runza sandwich

the Original Runza sandwich.

So we always try to visit the local hangouts when visiting different states. ..We were told we had to try the restaurant "Runza". What did you say? It took us a bit before we could understand what they were saying. They are located in Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado & Kansas. Now if you are from Michigan and have had a pasties... to me this what I can best say it is very similar too. Or maybe a pot pie sandwich??! Turnover with meat instead of dessert? Have you ever stopped at a Runza? There drive-thru was packed. It was a go-in kind of day, but guess what - the place was packed inside. I am guessing that Nebraska-ians love their Runza!!! no?! Beth ( :