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Saint Meinrad

  Saint Meinrad, Saint Meinrad, Indiana. Monastery. "80+ monks living, working and praying in a Benedictine monastery." So pretty, we really wanted to get up close and personal. But didn't know any one just curious for a picture and whatnot. Gorgeous grounds and views. They do sell caskets ...didn't have room in the back of our truck. We carry kayaks so that would not for us. & our spare tire holder broke so that was in there as well. If you care for more info please: Hope you are well today. Thank you for stopping by today. Take Care. Beth ( ; Linking Up: " InSPIRED Sunday "

Beck's Mill

  Beck's Mill, Salem, Indiana This mill ...the road around it was being worked on it was just a small area we could capture, but you get the point and see the unique beauty. We are always a fan of grist mills. If you care to know more about the area and about the mill in general head to that website. It has been out of work lately. So I hope they will get it back in working order. I saw that it was open by appointment only ...not sure who would be able to get it open again? Some1 who would spend tons of money or what?? A school trip? I know the virus probably cut back on tours??! These were take late May 2021. Fun day trip. Thank you for stopping by. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 

Windmill Park, Holland, IN

  Windmill Park, Holland, Indiana Such a sweet park, perfect for the little ones (with slide, and other little one playset, swings) or just to read a book. "Dutch-Style Windmill, replica." Quiet area when we were visiting in May 2021. Great blue skies day. So pretty. Great shots of the flags flying so pretty. Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ;

The Three Amigos Bridge

  We saw this covered bridge from the road, stopped by to see it up close. It is going toward the Wisltem Wildlife Park, Paoli, Indiana. The Three Amigos Bridge in honor of "Rich Richard", "Lee Leroy", and "Bernie Bernard" Fuhs glad we saw this one ...I enjoy the style. (Please do zoom in to see the plaque to learn of the history of this bridge.) We didn't visit the park but checked out several more sights will see those soon. Have a great day. Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ;