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Stapleton Station

Stapleton Station, Lynchburg, VA located in the historic Old City Cemetery My hubby did some great work here, he took these with his Android cell phone, way cool, don't ya think??! I do!!! The first one is my new laptop screen savor. We took a drive back in early July 2020, more pictures from that day I will share soon, I wanted to space them out a bit!! ((signage at the museum)) "Station House Museum This Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Station was in use at Stapleton in Amherst County, VA from 1898 until 1937. It is the only remaining C&O "Standard Station" of its size and style.  In 1999-2001 the badly-deteriorated Station was dismantled board-by-board and reconstructed here to interpret the importance of railroads in the history of Lynchburg. Through employment, war, and accident, thousand of people buried in this cemetery lived and died by the railroad. The furnishings and instruments in the Station Agent, Passenger, and Baggage Rooms are typical of the World

Nethers Mill, Etlan, Virginia

Nethers Mill, Etlan, Virginia, 22719 The hubby just loved this mill so so much!! It was really so well taken care of ...I wish all pieces like this, such history would be taken care so similarly. The hubs said why not a restaurant or something, wine bar or something drink related??! Just a chance to enjoy the mill and that cute are of Virginia.  On the very same day we did get the chance to see I think the hubby said 5 different mills ...amazing how they are just every where ... if you missed "Millwood Mill" , please check it out and enjoy that beauty as well. SO FUN!!! Thank you for stopping by. Hope you are well this week. Take Care!! Beth ( ;

Millwood Mill, Cismont, Virginia

Millwood Mill, Cismont, Virginia We took a day drive through the country and got to see this beauty. Early July 2020. My hubby can go "mill crazy" ...thankfully around Virginia are these amazing architectural treasures. so amazing. The hubby saw a vulture while visiting this one ...he was so shocked that he (she) didn't move??! I figured the bird was waiting on the hubby to move or die?? That is what vultures do, right? They are always looking for a snack. It was a pretty day. Not cool, the humidity was nuts ...Virginia summer usually stay in the temperature range of 70 degrees or above, rarely any wind (unless u have the fan moving said air) and usually an afternoon thunderstorm. It was a fun getaway for the day. More pictures from that day I will share next week. Thank you for stopping by. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ;

Ransone's Drug Store

Ransone's Drug Store 19771 Main St, Buchanan, VA 24066 first stop a day at the end of June 2020:  "Big Otter Mill, Bedford, VA" , second stop: "Appalachian Trail, Big Island, VA"  and the third stop: "Buchanan Swinging Bridge" . This spot was the final post of that day. Actually they were seen in a totally different order in real life (drive time, you know how those wheels roll) ...I did arrange them differently here on the blog.  They sure don't make these kind of drug stores any more, now do they??!! Such character!! We got a turkey sandwich and a chicken quesadilla, 2 drinks ... and took those 2 go. I was not there, I waited in the car ...I will say do what makes you comfortable, I keep saying that to my friends and family, it is just such an odd time, work with what you feel is right and do what you can ...I don't feel always comfortable doing public situations during these "mask wearing time", so I don't always go (if

Buchanan Swinging Bridge

Buchanan Swinging Bridge 19908 Main St, Buchanan, VA 24066 A beautiful place to take a picnic lunch, and we did just that lunch at the "Ransone's Drug Store", I'll be sharing that post next week. We enjoyed this view, and just chilled. Or tried too??! It was a pretty humid hot day. Thank goodness for AC!! This bridge is closed. Not sure if it is due to the virus going around or what??! It looked to be in good condition?? I wonder ... fun to see. Thank you for stopping by. Hope you are well. Beth ( ;