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Blooming at Hershey Gardens

There are so many amazing awesome great sight to see at "Hershey Gardens" ... so breathtaking!!! Enjoy the view from a vlog that day, we were visiting the Sunday before Memorial Day ...peaceful day. Imagine if you will ...having a wedding, anniversary get together or other parties at this gardens ... such fun!! Do you have a favorite flower? Hey there!! Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take care. Be Well & Be Blessed!! Beth ( ;

The Children's Garden

They really thought out this "The Children's Garden At Hershey Gardens", Hershey, Pennsylvania. I love all the details. By the bathtub ... there were giant rock slippers ...I thought I had gotten them in the shot but sadly they are missing. nuts!! So many creative touches!!! "Hershey's Kisses shaped misters greet you with a fine spray of water and meandering pathways guide you through 32 themed gardens on a journey of hands-on activity, discovery and fun!" I am not sure who had more fun ...there were plenty of adult aged kids playing with all the amazing items in these gardens. I was so impressed by all the extra touches, can you tell? Now take your time and be sure you noticed the butterfly garden and all those must see sights!!! Have a great day. Thank you for stopping by. Take care. Be Well & Be Blessed!! Beth ( ;

Roses at Hershey Gardens

Hey there! The roses at Hershey Gardens, Hershey, PA. On their website the gardens tell ya "Stop & Smell the Roses! 3,500 bushes in 145 varieties!!!" Well, we did just that, lots of using our noses. Some of them had scents that I wish I could share with ya ...why don't they make smell-o-vision? Wouldn't that be great!!! Do you have a favorite color when it comes to roses? Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are well. Take care. Be Well & Be Blessed! Beth ( ;

Butterfly Atrium, Hershey Gardens

Are you a butterfly, moth fan like I am? I love wings ...such great colors. I did have a few that I just could not catch ...they were too too fast. Would only land for a bit and then gone in a flash. "Butterfly Atrium, Hershey Gardens, Hershey, Pennsylvania". Please enjoy a vlog I did take while in the Butterfly Atrium, those suckers sure do fly fast, I hope I do not make ya too drunk ...surely not my point. It was such an amazing area of these gardens worth cost of your tickets. Well done!!! I have a little pouch that holds my camera and I have several ironed on patches ...3 of them are little butterflies, one of the ladies did ask me or was curious about the butterfly and how I got them to land there on me? They have these rooms at the beginning & the end of the butterfly atrium, for you to step into before you leave ...they don't want a stowaway on you ...sometimes the wings might try to get away???! Hey there!! Hope you are well. Be Well & Be Blessed! …

Abbey of Gethsemani

These shots are right off the gift shop. Such a peaceful area.

this is the front of the offices & gift shop, where they do sell fruitcake, fudge, books all sorts of great must see goodies.

Welcome to this weeks' "InSPIREd Sunday" hope you will join us. I was so happy to visit this abbey. "Abbey of Gethsemani, 3642 Monks Road, Trappist KY" 502.549.3117 . I am not Catholic, I do enjoy learning as much interesting, educational info, that I can though. For me, I thought "abbey" always meant "nuns" ... I didn't realize it could also mean monks. I did google it ...I am always learning. Thanks!! Please join us at "InSPIREd Sunday". Glad you stopped in today. Hope you are well. Take care. Be Well & Be Blessed. Beth ( ;

Hershey Gardens, Hershey, Pennsylvania

"Hershey Gardens, Hershey, Pennsylvania". We were so thankful that the rain did hold off until after our visit to this garden was overcast kind of day and looked like rain any second ...but it had the cards in our favor!!! Hershey Gardens opened in 1937, there are 23 acres to enjoy and eye drool over!!! I love it when you look up ...are you a picture taker who looks up? You might never know what you will find? Lots of colorful butterflies flying around, neat, huh???! I was curious what they were made of, but I'm only 5'8 or so ...not tall enough to get too too close of a view??! I am going to be sharing this garden visit for a few days ... 'cause it is so huge and there are so many awesome shots ... so much to love!!! Hope you are well today. Thank you for stopping by. Take care. Be Well & Be Blessed!!! Beth ( ;

Cades Cove Missionary Baptist Church

This week we are checking out the Cades Cove Missionary Baptist Church, Founded 1839, I sure hope that there were no more other churches in that area, we always try to check them out when traveling. I love this one best of all 3 you have seen most recently ... I did try to get all the awesome views ... look at all those details. So cool!!! Please join us at "InSPIREd Sunday". Thank you for stopping by today. Be Well & Be Blessed!! Take care. Beth ( ;