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Good Golly Miss Molly

  Last weekend we went for a ride ...did I take pictures? Did I even think about it, did that thought even enter into my thought process at all? NOPE.  I guess I am gonna have to get a clue, Beth might need to do that, LOL!!!  How is life going friends? Can you believe it's February? Every year I say I am gonna remember this day, or this month, it will be stuck into my mind, my memory bank and I will remember it so well for years to come. Laughter can start now, please never happens like that. Wonder why??!  Are you able to spell February without using spell checker?? I cannot. Oh well, we all are great at certain things, spelling is not one I do that greatly??  Hope you are well today. Thank you so much for stopping by. Drop me a comment, tell me how life is going for you and your close ones?!!! Take Care and once again I'll see ya again on the flip side ...isn't that what folks did say, once upon a time back in the good ole' days???!!?!?!?!!!!???! Beth (

Mill Creek Park

  Mill Creek Park,  1 W. Golf Drive Youngstown, Ohio Lanterman's Mill  Built by German Lanterman & Samuel Kimberly 1845 - 1846 Restored 1982-1984 By The Ward and Florence Beecher Foundations "The Suspension Bridge, "Cinderella Bridge" located on Valley Drive, was erected in 1895,  and spans Mill Creek connecting the east and west sides of the park... " (took so many of this view, that bridge really is breathtaking, so amazing!!!) Fellows Riverside Gardens (all blooms photos, fancy gardens sections are a part of this area,  FREE admission, well the whole park that we did make a point to go through and enjoy was FREE and that is huge this day and age, when so many locations are ridiculously priced, must see for sure; you will love it!! PROMISE!) Lanterman's Covered Bridge, 980 Canfield Road Well, all those photos were not in order ...silly BLOGGER, why do you do that to me??