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Bear Creek Mill, Rustburg, VA

Bear Creek Mill, Rustburg, VA "Twitty's"
Gorgeous day, it was a bit humid, taken early July 2020, hubby was taking these pictures with his Android cell phone, i am so shocked by the great details, i feel they are way better than when i use my camera. i am curious why or how??! Are we moving toward the day that we will only use cell phones for picture or what?? ...when we were "grist mill hunting", my hubby was on a roll ...he is really having a ball trying to hunt down ones we have taken the time to drive 2. Being that we are at home, trying to "social distances" from others ...he has been working a schedule of working Wednesday to Sunday ... off Monday and Tuesday we get out there on our new weekend times. It really is less folks, because a lot of folks are home or at least going to their offices. 
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Breneman Turner Mill

Breneman Turner Mill 5001 Turners Mill Ln Harrisonburg, VA. 22802
Built about 1800, Federal style brick building.
Funny thing was the hubby didn't realize we had been to this mill ...gosh I don't recall when it was??! We started dating way back in 1998. When I was in community college there in Weyers Cave, VA. So I would guess early on dating stage, I think??! Any who, I know during that visit the carry takers were there so we got to see inside and chat a bit. He doesn't remember any of that??! I rather enjoy this style of "grist mill", very cool! Weird. Any who one around ...but fun to see again. Took time in middle of July 2020, hot and humid but fun day trip. Thanks, for stopping by. Hope you are well today. Take Care. Beth ( ;

Silver Lake Mill

Silver Lake Mill 2328 Silver Lake Road Dayton, VA. 22821
Hey there!! Hope you are well this week. The hubby and I took this little day trip middle of July 2020. When we were first dating ...and even now when we head to Dayton, VA. there are always local folks fishing here at this lovely mill. Just a perfect spot ...for a picnic lunch, a moment to enjoy the breeze perfect.  A lovely area of Virginia ...lots of Mennonite and the Amish folks are throughout the community there. Just gorgeous scenery. Lots of furniture, all hand made ...too cool to see ...if you are ever in that area. 
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Historic Polegreen Church

Historic Polegreen Church 6411 Heatherwood Dr. Mechanicsville, VA 23116
"The Polegreen Church, known as "Hanover Meeting House", maybe be the first non- Anglican church in Virginia. Named after the 17th-century landowner, George Polegreen."
"Experience The Peace of Historic Polegreen Church, a beautiful open-air church. Feel the breeze and the sunlight welcome you as you enjoy the story of Rev. Samuel Davies and how he started Historic Polegreen Church, one of America's first non-Anglican churches. You'll feel his story come to life as you stand where he stood to preach sermons to members of his congregation, including Patrick Henry."
Hey there, hope you are well today. Let's chat hubby took me to see this beauty middle of  month in July 2020, during the whole "mask wearing time", so it was nice to be outdoors to enjoy some fresh breezes, just imagining what it might be likes for folks during those times during all the hot and humid…

Graves Chapel

Graves Chapel, Built 1885
What a fun day trip ...we got to see this beauty.  We were super lucky to have the "care taker" there when we did show up ...we did stay socially distant ... he looked around and walked out ...the village of Graves Mill is just amazing. Please be sure if you have missed these recent posts to play catch up. Thank you so kindly for stopping by. Take Care. Beth ( ; 
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Village of Graves Mill

A pretty neat little community ...very cool to see that in 2020 they are still pretty close-knitted, they sure don't make areas like this much any more, very very cool ...i'll be sharing the church soon. Stay tuned.
"Village of Graves Mill The community is named for the Thomas and Sarah Dulaney Graves family and their gristmill. They settled here in the mid 1700s. Early on. tobacco and flour were taken to Fredericksburg and shipped to foreign and domestic ports. In the late 1800s apples and other products were shipped to train depots at Gordonsville or Somerset. The village supported families from the mountains and foothills..."
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Chapel and Columbarium

HEY THERE!! Hope you are well this week...  this can be seen within the historic Old City Cemetery, Lynchburg, VA.
((signage there by the chapel)) Chapel and Columbarium
This chapel was modeled after the 1880 Ivy Chapel Union Church in Bedford County. Most of the construction materials and furnishings were salvaged from the demolition of the c. 1870 Hermon Methodist Church at Oakville in Appomattox County. The bell was specially cast for the Cemetery Chapel by the preeminent Whitechapel Bell Foundry in London, England.
Today the Chapel pays tribute to the many religious leaders buried in the Cemetery since 1806. It also provides a unique setting for funerals, weddings, and other special occasions. The Columbarium in the lower level of the Chapel contains niches and crypts fro the final resting place of future generations of Lynchburg's citizens. 
The Chapel and Columbarium we completed in 2006 to mark the bicentenary of the Cemetery.  
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Brightwell Mill

Brightwell's Mill  "100th Anniversary" 1920-2020
Hey there, we did journey to see this mill early July 2020. So hot and humid the day we traveled there, but it was so fun. Luigi, sure did have fun, he loves having his picture taken. Do you name your vehicles? Hope you are well. Take Care, Beth ( ;

Stapleton Station

Stapleton Station, Lynchburg, VA located in the historic Old City Cemetery
My hubby did some great work here, he took these with his Android cell phone, way cool, don't ya think??! I do!!! The first one is my new laptop screen savor. We took a drive back in early July 2020, more pictures from that day I will share soon, I wanted to space them out a bit!!
((signage at the museum)) "Station House Museum This Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Station was in use at Stapleton in Amherst County, VA from 1898 until 1937. It is the only remaining C&O "Standard Station" of its size and style. 
In 1999-2001 the badly-deteriorated Station was dismantled board-by-board and reconstructed here to interpret the importance of railroads in the history of Lynchburg. Through employment, war, and accident, thousand of people buried in this cemetery lived and died by the railroad.
The furnishings and instruments in the Station Agent, Passenger, and Baggage Rooms are typical of the World War 1 …

Nethers Mill, Etlan, Virginia

Nethers Mill, Etlan, Virginia, 22719
The hubby just loved this mill so so much!! It was really so well taken care of ...I wish all pieces like this, such history would be taken care so similarly. The hubs said why not a restaurant or something, wine bar or something drink related??! Just a chance to enjoy the mill and that cute are of Virginia. 
On the very same day we did get the chance to see I think the hubby said 5 different mills ...amazing how they are just every where ... if you missed "Millwood Mill", please check it out and enjoy that beauty as well. SO FUN!!!
Thank you for stopping by. Hope you are well this week. Take Care!! Beth ( ;