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Natchez Trace State Park, Tennessee

Such a gorgeous kayakin' time we had at  "Natchez Trace State Park" , Tennessee. It was just a fabulous gorgeous day. I always wonder why when I am videoing the day it seems like I have a good vlog, not super long, but long enough to give ya a bit of birds and other noise going on, but then I get home and I feel it is super short??! I guess when you are having fun it seems like a relaxing super great experience .. but when you are home it would be so great if it would last even longer? I love the kayaker on the Natchez Trace State Park website front page, I hope it will be that same kayaker when you get to stopping by ... what a view!! Enjoy a listen from the day. Thank you for stopping by today. Enjoy your day!! Be Well & Be Blessed!! Beth ( ;

The Eiffel Tower, Paris, Tennessee

Eiffel Tower, Paris Tennessee, 60 foot tall, donated in 1992. I have always wanted to go to Paris why not Paris, Tennessee? Even the sheep had to check it out. A bit tiny compared to the one in Paris, France which is 984 feet tall. Thanks, for stopping by. I do hope you enjoyed your visit. Be Well & Be Blessed. Take care. Beth ( :

Patti's 1880 Settlement, Grand Rivers, Kentucky

"Patti's 1880 Settlement" , Grand Rivers, Kentucky. We got the 2 inch Pork Chop, with salads, steamed veggies, and their flower pot bread with the super yummy butter. Sweet tea to drink, it was the best, I love a great drink of sweet tea with a bit lemon. It was so delicious!! The pork chop was extra tender. Everything was so so good!! You have got to try them asap, You will enjoy I promise!  I guess I got so carried away with the food that I can not find my pictures from the front. Lots of cool store to enjoy around there too. Love their style too, the ladies and the men are dressed up so cute!!! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed your visit. Be Well & Be Blessed. Take care. Beth ( :

National Corvette Museum, Bowling Green, Kentucky

"National Corvette Museum" , 350 Corvette Drive, Bowling Green, KY 42101. No sadly the hubby & I are not getting a corvette. One of the main reason, they are too darn $$$. 2nd the hubby & I would never agree on what color to get. We totally disagree!!! It was sure fun to see a couple getting their baby. What a huge joy for them!! It is awesome to see all these beauties coming off the finish line. Each one is custom to whatever you wish for can come and take the tour, picking up your newborn, or totally miss out and not get that amazing awesome experience. If we had the doe, I can imagine it would be on the top of our list to do. I love thinking about how each one of these babies had a family to go to... no going to a dealer and sitting. These were babies ready for GO! About 2 years ago, they had a sink hole there at the National Corvette Museum & you got to see some of the wreckage. Can you imagine? I would be totally sad to see