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George L. Smith State Park, Georgia

George L. Smith State Park, Georgia. Let me tell ya, this was so fun to kayak, but holding the kayak from moving too much and trying to take pics and an occasional video is so not easy. What a task. So funny!! We met a fun couple who were camp hosting at this park, such great friendly folks. You meet some of the nicest people camping sometimes. so fun!! We kayaked up along the mill. 

Enjoy this vlog from the day. Thanks for stopping by. Be Well & Be Blessed! Beth ( ;

Three Rivers State Park, Florida

"Three Rivers State Park", Chattahoochee, Florida. When days get rough and a bit stressful I like to think back on days like this when the hubby & I were out kayaking and just finding these moments so lovely. Calm & quiet. Listening to the birds, the waves and just how serene it truly was. Please enjoy! & if you too, have anxiety fulled moments please find a way to take time out and just find your "happy place", go there when you need to get away. ( ;

Take a listen to the vlog from that day. Enjoy!! Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day! Be Well & Be Blessed!! Beth ( ;

Disney Springs, Florida

"Disney Springs", Orlando, Florida ... use to be called Downton Disney. Not sure when the name did get a change? But that shows ya how often we get there for a visit, Disney is always changing things!! I am curious where the springs are? Any one know? I sort of feel that they have priced themselves out of a lot of folks that are shopping there, me included. Things looked a bit overpriced and too too darn $$$$$$!!! I love Tigger best-est!! Always so happy and bouncy!! He has always been my fave, since a very young child. We always make a point to see the Lego figurines. So creative and fun!! So we just walked around and returned to our campground, which was located at Fort Wilderness one of the Disney World resorts. Thanks for stopping by today. Enjoy your day! Be Well & Be Blessed!! Beth ( ;

De Leon Springs State Park, Florida

"De Leon Springs State Park", De Leon Springs, Florida ...if we recall correctly it was like $3.00 bucks to get into this park? We had our Casita behind our truck, always fun pulling a tow into small areas. This is a 625 acre park, you can rent canoes, paddleboats and kayaks. great place for a picnic or day trip. They do have the Sugar Mill Restaurant, 100 year old replica from the 1830 sugar mill, Fountain of Youth boat tour. They do allow swimming. A constant 72 degree water, depth range from 18 inches to 30 feet. 

Please enjoy the vlog from that day. Be Well & Be Blessed. Beth ( ;