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Lake Louise driving 1A

If you have not noticed I am madly in love with Canada. Let's discuss Beth's loves in life ---here goes ... Virginia is my heart, West Virginia is my lungs it keeps me breathing 'cause it is oh so close to my real home, Montana & Wyoming I have a madly silly love for ever since I 1st traveled there with my parents in the early 90's & finally ... Canada comes into play & knocks every other state in the United States right out of the ball park. Sorry other states you need to start working your magic cause Canada is winning big time!! BIG TIME!!! I really feel I had no clue how beautiful Canada is. When chatting with folks you will find that folks either really love or hate Canada. My question is how can you hate Canada? we had a rainy trip but refused to let it get us down. the fog is trying to break away. pics taken August 2014. Beth. ( :

Two Jack Lakeside Campground, Banff NP

As you can see our campsite was very busy. The hubby loves finding the best site. Even though it rained the whole time we were at the campground we tried our best to enjoy ourselves too the fullest!!!  "Two Jack Lakeside Campground" , Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. pics taken August 2014. Beth ( :

Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

if you have visited my blog: "... Hike2Forty and beyond" then you will recognize the 1st shot ... gorgeous!!! you have to give Canada one thing - their mountains are incredible. I loved our visit to "Banff National Park" . they are part of the Canadian Rockies. have you visited ever? if so where did you check out? pics taken August 2014. Beth ( :

The Fairmont, Banff Springs

no we did not stay there, we drove by & drooled. couldn't park, no parking, only valet parking. are you drooling? i am even now. "The Faimont, Banff Springs" . there is a parkway to get this perfect shot. luckily the fog broke away just in time for to capture these shots. amazing times!!! Beth ( :

Bar U Ranch National Historical Site, Alberta, Canada

"Bar U Ranch" , National Historic Site. Established in 1882, it was huge ranching operation  "even more info here." .  if you know anything about me, you will know I have always wanted to live on a farm, own a farm, have horses, cows, dogs, cats, garden, fields, quiet & peace the whole 9 or is it 10 yards. I want a mountain view like in the movie "Legend of the Fall" .  so when we got the chance to visit this location I really enjoyed seeing how the ranchers came in a took over the whole ranching/cattle business. it was hard work, long hours but if you had the right team you would do just fine. the shot over the campfire is a pot of coffee & hot water. the lady, let me see, i think her name was Greta, that could so be wrong but it is what is popping in my head this moment. she was great at telling the story. these men would all do different jobs. the chef would run with all his team ahead of the folks to set up and get