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3 mills

  Friendship Mill, Friendship, Virginia 16444 County Road - 803, Meadowview, VA Parks Mill, Parks Mill Road, Abingdon, Virginia Hey There, hoping you are well this week. 3 mills we got to see when traveling around Virginia ...enjoy them, always fun to see ...we did see some construction work, (when do you find that your local roads are worked on? Do you have some like mine that really need some work? Others they keep working on but you think why? Move to another road why don't ya, I mean right??! LOL!!) that is always extra fun to sit and wait. Don't ya ever wonder what the folks are thinking? How do the pass the day away? Not like you hear any tunes playing??!! You will always see them looking up to see their sign they wonder if they have flipped it to GO, when they should have said STOP??! Makes you stop and think? Thanks, for visiting, sure hope that this 2024 will be awesome for us all. Do you have a plan of where to go from here? Are you a New Year Planner???!!! Eith

Shady Valley, TN

  Backbone Rock Tunnel, Shady Valley, Tennessee "spur ridge on Holston Mtn that abruptly ends at a bend in Beaverdam Creek. tunnel was drilled through rock in 1901 to allow railroad access between Shady Valley and Damascus, Virginia" Hey There, don't ya love it when you are driving along and find a neat spot? …this tunnel was a busier road, got to see it from both sides of the road ...very cool. Unique location, must see!!! Hope you are well today. How's life? Any cool news you can share? Funny stories??! Thank you for stopping by today. See ya again really soon. Be Well. Beth ( ; 

3 mills, bridge & school?

  (2 photos above) Love's Mill - Chilhowie, Virginia 39300 County Road 762 "3 story frame mill, 1837. the feed mill specialized in supplying Wayne Feeds and Bartlet Feeds to the area farmers. overshot wheel has been removed from the former water-powered grist mill that functioned lately as a feed mill. concrete dam with the start of the concrete headrace to supply the mill water-power. newer section of the milling enterprise still is in operation, including seed corn available for purchase." (3 photos above) Debusk Mill, 34002 Debusk Mill Road, Glade Spring, Virginia "DeBusk family built this second mill, this time on the Middle Fork of the Holden River, in 1870. historically known as the Ebbing Spring Roller Mill, 3 story frame structure...  " This old home and mill are adjacent to one another ...just amazing architecture ...I know it might be polite to the other "grist mills" we saw this trip ...but to me this mill and home took the cake for me ...ju

Virginia Creeper Trail

  "35 mile multi-purpose rail trail. Southwestern Virginia, Abingdon to Whitetop, VA.  near Mount Rogers National Recreation area and the North Carolina state line." I've lost count the number of time we have taken the time to enjoy and ride this trail. Normally we would go with a tour ...but we were staying in a local Air BNB, due to our recent trailer selling event. We have motorized bikes and when we do get tried we are able to just motor along back to where we need to be. I always joke that my hubby does it more than I ... I look forward to the exercise more, now I am not saying I don't use the motorized part, 'cause I do, but I try to be more sparingly. LOL!! So we are trying this out, for me it is just nice not to have to run to the bathroom at night when need be, you have indoor plumbing. To keep it short and sweet and not be to much TMI, we only used our Casita for liquids no solid. GOT IT?? hope so. LOL!! During many walks over the period we had the Casit

Potter Wade Mill, VA

  Potter Wade Mill  (Colliers Creek, west side of 251 at iron bridge at Collierstown) In the middle of June 2023 ...we took a day trip to ride in our kayaks at Lake Roberston, which is in Rockbridge County, VA. This 31-acre lake was constructed in 1971. We didn't take a camera on the lake like we do sometimes. Just wanted the exercise instead. Apparently when they did build this lake, they flooded an area, covering up foundations, trees, all sorts of area items, I often wonder how they decide where to do this or whatnot? Makes me so curious when the water is clearer ...we are thinking that it might be at the beginning of the year the waters would be more clear (you know how the kind of algae or fuzz I like to call it just kind of starts going and without ducks, other birds or movement it just gets to growing.) you will be able to see the building foundations, guess we will have to save it for that time of the year in the future to see if we can catch them. Apparently, everyon