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Plains, GA - two

  Jimmy Carter Boyhood Farm, Plains, Georgia (photo 1 & 2) The Smiling Peanut - 1976 (photo 3 & 4) "This 13-foot-tall peanut was brought to Plains after a 1976 Carter Presidental Rally in Evansville, Indiana. It is made of polyurethane foam covered with chicken wire. Maxine Reese accepted the peanut for the Plains Historical Preservation Trust in 1976. After the 1976 Presidental election, The Smiling Peanut was moved from the Plains Campaign Headquarters to his location. It has been named as one of the Top 50 roadside attractions in America. Plains Historical Preservation Trust Historical Marker Project - 2022" Plain Peanuts, Main Street, Plains, GA "founded in 1988, Bobby & Jean purchased the old Carter's Warehouse located on Main Street, creating "Plain Peanuts" . we did try the "peanut butter ice cream", which was absolutely delicious and got a few treats for folks and some for us to take home. They do have "free samples"

Plains, GA - one

  (3 photos above) "the south's largest political memorabilia dealer and secret service pin dealer" ... Philip Kurland and his wife, Ramona own the "Plains Trading Post" ... we have been in many of types of stores, but seriously you could spend hours in this store much to look at and Mr. Kurland, had me laughing to tears ...the stories, the tales, I mean he is just too much ...the amount of tales, and jokes he told. So funny.  My hubby did find several greeting cards he couldn't live without ... I did see a "Miss Piggy" pin but decided against because it was $9.99 figured that was a bit steep for me ...considering what can you seriously do with a pin ...not that Miss Piggy will be running for President any time soon? I was raised on the Muppets her!! LOL!! Now what he did believe or whatnot, I don't think is the point, I think he truly wishes to find what you love and make it happen ...the amount of people he has met, I cannot ima

Billy Carter Museum

  ..."it is the mission of the Plains Better Hometown Program to revitalize the Main Street area and preserve local heritage. ... Mr Mill sold the station to Billy in June of 1972 and passed away in September of that year. Billy struggled to maintain the legacy of "good times" at the station and through the years continued some of the same rituals of shooting dice and cooking, but most of all the tradition of swapping tall tales and enjoying time with friends, old and new."  on the restroom door reads: "There were two public restrooms, accessible from outside, and one inside for the employees and the regulars. Tourists started to use the one inside. Before long, a hand lettered sign appeared on the door. 'WARNING!!!' the sign said, 'Growling Crotch Crickets!! Enter at Own Risk!!' It's not that anyone minded the tourists using our restroom. But it was comical to watch a person approach the door and place his hand on the knob. The sign would c

Seale, Alabama

  Museum of Wonder Drive Thru, Seale Alabama "" Butch Anthony is a contemporary, self-taught artist, maker, and collector of objects and antiques. He's the creator of this museum. In the early 1990's Butch started creating art using various media and techniques, crafting them into one-of-a-kind-masterpieces. Throughout a career spanning decades, Butch created a specific genre of work called Intertwanglelism, (inter = to mix; twangle = a distinctive way of speaking, thinking, behaving, assessing; and ism = a theory). Butch attended Auburn University in the mid 1980's, where he studied zoology, geology, and biology. While there, he enrolled in a comparative anatomy class that he would later attribute to the use of veins and bones in his art. I did go to his website and the text there above in italics is describing his art form and what it means? I truly thought that it was too cool not to share with you, and I am not familiar with it, so I