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New York State - FOUR

  The Stone Windmill - Circa 1825 Built by Hugh McConnell, miller from Scotia. Through the 1800's the structure served as a local jail & in WWII as an air warning post. After the war it served briefly as an American Legion Club House. The land was donated to the village by Charles Chapman in 1943 & 1947 was named Chapman Park.   (2 photos above) top view is out looking at the water from the lighthouse. Verona Beach Light House Association Inc. while we were there, a man working, so that makes you happy to see folks keep the towns looking so pretty, now we were there right before Memorial Day, so maybe they were really beautifying the area??! I am amazed by New York State and their amazing workers, the cemeteries were so well taken care of, just thumbs up there!! WELL DONE!! I am curious how old this train station was?? We just happened to notice it sitting back in the forest here, it could use some work, but still good bones, fun right??! route 5 - Port Ontario, NY - train

New York State - THREE

  (2 photos above) Selkirk Lighthouse on Salmon River now we didn't take any pics when visiting this state park but this lighthouse is around about there is a "private residence" i don't really wish to say here it is and give an address ...but you can do you research if you wanna visit. i would think that most folks would realize when you are wishing to see lighthouses, you wanna see them and take pics ... but you can visit  Robert G Wehle State Park, NY,  1,067-acre state park, eastern shore of Lake Ontario, town of Henderson, Jefferson County, they have a great park, apparently this family really enjoyed hunting dogs, and did donate the land for the chance to share with others.  (2 photos above) Sodus Outer Light - defining the channel from Lake Ontario into Sodus Bay, NY. established in 1858. "This Lighthouse was located on the Cape Vincent Breakwater from 1900 to 1951, it was moved to the present location and now serves as a proud landmark for this appr

New York State - TWO

  Fair Haven Beach State Park, Cayuga County, NY This gorgeous waterfront state park (have I ever told ya that my best half loves "waterfront", no matter where we stay he is always looking for the best water view, and when we get there and the waterfront is hidden by trees he is heartbroken, i just figure we can walk to the view, oh well, i guess it is all in what you love/like.) but they don't offer "electricity" on that section of camping so that is not gonna to work for us being that we were there for over a week, when you have items that need electricity that is a must. Boy was it amazing ...I bet the sunset/sunrises would be awesome breathtaking!!!! (4 photos above, the bridge is going across to the home and mill, it is a working mill and that's awesome to see that it is still plugging along, and the across the water view, my favorite, it is just breathtaking, I wish kids (or others who don't appreciate it would see this view and just understand how

New York State - ONE

  Seneca Mill & Falls (4 photos above)  Cascade Mill & Falls - biking/walk path -  Outlet Park, Keuka Lake  Outlet Trail (2 photos above) Big Sodus Light - "replaced the 1st lighthouse on this site built in 1825,  this light in service 1871 - 1901, now a maritime museum" across the river: (this mill & church below are pretty close to each other but separated by a river, so a different county) 1594 Stone Mill Park, Geneva, NY  Bellona Memorial Presbyterian Church, Bellona, NY (2 photos above) "Old Malt House" lots of information about this mill that we didn't even know, you will be amazed, go on,  please check it out!!! But if you prefer is a few awesome tidbits ...they sold beer until 1986. such history is throughout this world, so cool!!! Alloway Mills - 1794 I was trying to figure out how to connect these items, they are all places we enjoyed seeing ...the first bike (hiking) trail.... had we known it was there we would have taken our bikes