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Graves Chapel

Graves Chapel, Built 1885 What a fun day trip ...we got to see this beauty.  We were super lucky to have the "care taker" there when we did show up ...we did stay socially distant ... he looked around and walked out ...the village of Graves Mill is just amazing. Please be sure if you have missed these recent posts to play catch up. Thank you so kindly for stopping by. Take Care. Beth ( ;  Linking Up to: "InSPIREd Sunday"

Village of Graves Mill

A pretty neat little community ...very cool to see that in 2020 they are still pretty close-knitted, they sure don't make areas like this much any more, very very cool ...i'll be sharing the church soon. Stay tuned. "Village of Graves Mill The community is named for the Thomas and Sarah Dulaney Graves family and their gristmill. They settled here in the mid 1700s. Early on. tobacco and flour were taken to Fredericksburg and shipped to foreign and domestic ports. In the late 1800s apples and other products were shipped to train depots at Gordonsville or Somerset. The village supported families from the mountains and foothills..." Hope you are well this week. Take Care!! Beth ( ;

Chapel and Columbarium

HEY THERE!! Hope you are well this week...  this can be seen within the historic Old City Cemetery, Lynchburg, VA. ((signage there by the chapel)) Chapel and Columbarium This chapel was modeled after the 1880 Ivy Chapel Union Church in Bedford County. Most of the construction materials and furnishings were salvaged from the demolition of the c. 1870 Hermon Methodist Church at Oakville in Appomattox County. The bell was specially cast for the Cemetery Chapel by the preeminent Whitechapel Bell Foundry in London, England. Today the Chapel pays tribute to the many religious leaders buried in the Cemetery since 1806. It also provides a unique setting for funerals, weddings, and other special occasions. The Columbarium in the lower level of the Chapel contains niches and crypts fro the final resting place of future generations of Lynchburg's citizens.  The Chapel and Columbarium we completed in 2006 to mark the bicentenary of the Cemetery.   Thanks, for stopping by. Take Care, Beth ( ; L

Brightwell Mill

Brightwell's Mill  "100th Anniversary" 1920-2020 Hey there, we did journey to see this mill early July 2020. So hot and humid the day we traveled there, but it was so fun. Luigi, sure did have fun, he loves having his picture taken. Do you name your vehicles? Hope you are well. Take Care, Beth ( ;