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Hell's Half Acre, Wyoming

wanted to let you know what this sign said - I did try to zoom in but I'll just type it up, here goes: "Wyoming - Hell's Half Acre - This unique setting of natural beauty covers approximately 320 acres. Viewed from a point of maximum depth, its walls and pinnacles show soft and varied hues comparable to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.  Investigation has confirmed that in former days the Indians drove great herds of buffalo into this depression for slaughter. Flint arrowheads and buffalo bones have been found here. A detachment of Captain B.L.E. Bonneville's party visited this site in July 1833. This area has been dedicated to Natrona county by the Federal Government."

It was a quick hike to get to the fenced in area. "Hell's Half Acre, Wyoming" reminds me a lot of "Badlands National Park, South Dakota", "Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah" or even a bit like "Goblin Valley State Park, Utah". Beth
hope you can see the …

Stone House Lake Park, Amherst, Virginia

I am not sure where the Stone House was ...maybe some where else, we never saw one?! On 6/1/2015 we got out on our kayaks & enjoyed a nice day on the lake. A thunderstorm did get us off the waters, quicker than we would have liked but??!

Check out this vlog of the day. Beth ( :

Sherando Lake, Virginia

"Sherando Lake, Virginia", I'm sharing a day trip we took to this beautiful lake to take our kayaks out on 5/11/2015. it was awesome!! They have camping, hiking, 2 lakes, & fishing. 

Here is a video of the spillway. We got out of the kayaks (had to make sure the kayaks stayed put, the hill was a bit of a uphill hike. would really stink to lose your boat, i am swimmer not the hubby though.) hiked up the hill and walked down to see where the water went. This video gives ya a listen. Beth ( :

Mill Creek Lake Park, Amherst, Virginia

"Mill Creek Lake Park, Amherst, Virginia", we enjoyed our day trip to this lake back on May 4th. Our muscles got a great exercise. I love that burn. Kayaking is so fun.

Check out this video of the very peaceful, calm, not windy kind of day!!! Beth ( :

Great Falls National Park, Virginia

"Great Falls National Park, Virginia", we got to go there on April 27th. It was an awesome day trip. We had a real ball.

2 hear a video of that day please take a listen. Beth ( :

Colvin Run Mill, Great Falls, Virginia

Before we went to the Great Falls National Park, Virginia, we did stop by the "Colvin Run Mill, Great Falls, Virginia". It is still in working order & they to make all sort of products. There is a fee to see inside the mill. We walked around outside for these pics. So fun!!! taken on our quick day trip on April 27th. Beth ( :

Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina

No matter where you are on the "Blue Ridge Parkway" you will love every single moment. It travels through Virginia and North Carolina. Mom & I decided to take a bit of it before we headed on back to homelands. The part we took was lot of 35 mph and not very much quicker 45 mph. There are so many twists and turns ...I spent a lot of the time lower than 35 mph. The way were headed we were not getting home early than 6 pm, a quick part of the parkway and back to interstate driving. It was fun while it lasted & if there would have been more things blooming we may have stayed on even longer. It is always there & always FREE. 
The trip was made April 21-22. My Mom called me the next day to see if I had rested up ...I told her I was cleaning the deck, getting it ready to stain??!! What, how is the resting? she said to me. I had not had a good nights sleep in 2 nights. hey, I was too excited, a girls night away, too fun!! Beth ( :

Cedar Crest Victorian Inn, Asheville, NC

"Cedar Crest Victorian Inn", is a must stay when visiting the Biltmore, Asheville, North Carolina area. Such a sweet place. I gave ya a view of the home, our room which was named "The Study", what we had for breakfast, no clue of what it is called, we did ask but no name as of yet. What is includes is a biscuit, bacon, gravy, egg, lots of pepper, jelly, & strawberry on top. As well as Tazo Earl Grey tea, so yummy, a fruit cup, a peach muffin, water and grapefruit juice. The hubby found this place the night before we decided to go ...this trip was planned very quickly Mom had some free time & I said well the Downton Abbey clothing is at the Biltmore until the end of May ...let's go. The hubby wanted us to get a room ahead of time, my Mom thought oh we will find one on the drive down. The hubby went searching & found this beauty about a mile from the Biltmore property. We had a ball April 21-22. Beth ( :

Biltmore blooms

There are different blooms to see every time you go to the Biltmore. The azaleas were in prime time - the tulips were so dead. Guess they need to tell their security guards that. My mom did ask him what was in bloom. He said the tulips were. nope ...they were gone. very sad. very pretty!! enjoy!! We had a ball on our trip April 21-22. Beth ( :