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Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse

 Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse 526 N. Huron Avenue, Mackinaw City, MI "The light is opposite the turning point for ships making the difficult passage through the Straits of Mackinac, one of the busiest crossroads of the Great Lakes. McGulpin's Point light, two miles to the west, had been established in 1856, but if was not visible from all directions. In 1889 Congress appropriated funds for the construction of a steampowered fog signal here, which went into operation on November 5, 1890. Construction of this light tower and attached lightkeeper's dwelling began, and the light was first displayed on October 25, 1892. Heavy iron and brass castings were used throughout the structure, and the light was visible to ships sixteen miles away. In operation until 1958, the lighthouse is now a maritime museum." Gorgeous area, we took our lunch, which was 2 pasties (they do tend to have vegetables, meat, rutabaga, onion... how I'm not saying tha

The Legs Inn

 The Legs Inn 6425 N. Lake Shore Drive, Cross Village, MI (231) 526-2281 "The Legs Inn, named for the stove legs that trim the roofline, is one of Michigan's most exuberant and unusual landmarks. The building reflects Stanley Smolak's creativity and the craftsmanship of local Odawa (Ottawa) Indians. A Polish immigrant, Smolak came to the United States in 1912 and settled in Cross Village in 1921. During the 1930s Smolak enlisted the labor of Odawa and other area residents to construct the inn from locally gathered timber and stones. A self-trained artist. Smolak used tree roots, limbs and driftwood to carve fantastical creatures into the furniture and decorative objects used in the inn; He called the carvings "nature's oddities." Until his death in 1968 at age 81. Smolak continued his creative work at the inn, which had become a social center for the community. " "Polish cuisine, w/ variety of American dishes" Gosh, I&#

Mission Point Light

  Mission Point Light 20500 Center Road, Traverse City, MI "Built in 1970, situated at exactly the 45th parallel between the North Pole and the Equator, ..."  I found that extremely interesting and had to share!! Such a gorgeous area of Michigan. As you know we love Michigan, we head there often in the month where we wish to be more cooler, as to comparable with our temps here in Virginia it is amazing how much cooler it can be. Even to the point of when we return to the Virginia temperatures, which often (& will most likely include) HUMIDITY. I don't think I can recall ever living here in Virginia and not dealing with some sort of humidity. Now as a kid, I do recall that where my grandma Ruby did live was more humid that my home area. So there has been some change over the years but when it is summer you hide out in the shade or AC if you have it. We love visiting lighthouses of all sorts. Way cool!! Thank you for visiting. Hop

Burt Lake

  Burt Lake, Indian River, Michigan Such a lovely campground, great for biking, kayaking, local or even distant traveling. We tend to find locations all over the area to check out. So fun. I was trying to recall how we found "B.C. Pizza"?? I think my hubby might have googled local restaurants??! But they are awesome. so delicious!! I was joking about wondering if they might deliver to Virginia?? B.C. Pizza - 3695 S. Straits Hwy.  231-238-0055 1st evening: Wet Beef & Bean Burrito AND Smokehouse Mac & Cheese (We are always looking for local favorites and this was one of those.) 2nd evening: Dill Pickle Pizza (I think we added chicken??) You might think this would be odd, but dill pickle on a pizza it really is delicious, good. SO TASTY!! If you are in the Indian River, Michigan area please check them out. So fun!! Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 

Lehman's, Kidron, Ohio

"...Paul Weaver's Rendition of Tom Wood's Raising The Barn",  "...dimensional carvings by Paul Weaver. thick butternut block."    Lehman's  4779 Kidron Rd., Kidron, OH 44618 HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2023!! It was pouring down rain the day we did visit, Lehman's. So nice to spend a few moments there checking everything out. Are those not AMAZING, he is quite talented. I have always been amazed by woodwork of any sort ...just breathtaking. A video is playing when you visit there and if you so desire to sit and listen you can ...If you wish to know more about Paul and his amazing work, please check out this website here:   We didn't buy anything, but you really could get zapped into just checking out all their odds and ends. They have a place you can pick up lunch if you so desire. We always ask the locals where to go a few suggestions from a lady who really did look