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Sugarloaf Campground, Wyoming

Hi there! Medicine Bow - Routt National Forests & Thunder Basin National Grassland "Sugarloaf Campground". If you are in the Wyoming area & near this amazing campground, they do book up fast, we be sure to get a reservation quick, you should for sure stay there a night or 2. Even I can deal with a pit toilet if I get to enjoy this view. It was really cold at night with no heat though, be sure to bring lots of blankets.

Please take a listen to the vlog from that day. Beth ( :

Golden Spike Tower & Visitor Center, North Platte, Nebraska

"Golden Spike Tower & Visitor Center", North Platte, Nebraska. (quoting from the brochure) "Experience a panoramic view Union Pacific's Bailey Yard --The World's Largest Rail Yard. It's where east meets west on the Union Pacific line, and where 10,000 cars are hauled each day on 2,850 acres of land stretching out eight miles."

It was so cool to see this in person. If you know me, You know I love trains. Anything having to do with trains. I'm there. Train sounds, model trains, real trains, train horns, train tracks, I want to be a caboose rider, but they don't do cabooses any more. Please some one tell me where are all the cabooses hiding? Is there a graveyard for all the train cabooses? I would love to see that. I love the coal burning trains, but that is not the norm these days. Please enjoy the vlog from that day. Beth ( :

Maramec Spring Park, Missouri

"Maramec Spring Park", Missouri,  I very cool park to have a great hike. Lots of amazing sights to see. Have you ever been to a fish hatchery? Such a learning experience. Very cool to see up close.

(quoted:) "In the early days Maramec iron was used for kettles, plows and other utensils that could be hauled in wagons. Eventually products such as bar and pig iron were floated down the Meramec and Gasconade Rivers to Pittsburgh and Cincinnati." (for more history of this park, "click here".)

 It was very cool to have the chance to see so much history all in one little park, all in walking distance. It's amazing to see how our country use to be so "old school", men worked & used their hands to build, invent, fabricate, or manufacture items. Makes you think. Beth ( :

Metamora, Indiana

The day we stopped by the "Duck Creek Aqueduct", Metamora, Indiana, the shops were closed (it was a Sunday, hey you do what what ya gotta do when traveling, Sunday's happen & you have to make due.) We did have fun checking out the views. Be sure to click the pics to enlarge them to read those signs. Such amazing info. "Metamora Grist & Roller Mill" built in 1845 - rebuilt in 1900. & how often do you see an aqueduct? Metamora is such a cool area. Beth ( ;

Jungle Jim's International Market, Ohio

Let's talk "Jungle Jim's International Market", if you have never ever been to this awesome amazing market you have just got to make a trip to Ohio. There are 2 locations.... Fairfield (our 2nd trip) & Cincinnati (our 1st trip), Ohio. If you need something different I bet Jungle Jim's will have it. This was our 2nd time at Jungle Jim's but at a different location. They are totally different & both oh so unique. We always stock up on gifts for Christmas. 
If I had to pick a location that was my fave... (cause I know you are asking?) it would be the Cincinnati location because it was the 1st one opened & this location has all sorts of singing puppets. When you walk near them they sing & dance. Please don't get the wrong idea the Fairfield location is great as well ... they have men watching on stilts, men juggling, & a mime ...who walked up behind the hubby & me pretending to imitate all that we were doing was funny to watch h…

Paint Creek State Park, Bainbridge, Ohio

If you are in Bainbridge Ohio... you should check out "Paint Creek State Park". We loved all the walking, the water views & boy did we wish we had our kayaks. There is just not enough room to take them when we go on long trips. Well that is different now that we have a "Casita". At the time when we took this trip we were driving our "Roadtrek 170 Popular", that's sold now. So here's hoping when we are back in Ohio we will go to this state park again for a real water kayakin' experience. Here's hoping. This was the view from our camping spot, right near the water, the hubby's fave. Beth ( :

Locust Lake State Park, Pennsylvania

"Locust Lake State Park, PA", what a fun place to stay. We got to see all sorts of creatures, this chipmunk was zooming all over our campsite. This robin (definitely a male) was really showing off ...whenever another robin would show off he would fly after them, scaring them away. He was determined to protect his home at no cost. We got to hike around the dam. Hope you will get a laugh at that sign like the hubby & I did... you are never too old to laugh a bit, right? Beth ( :

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Burwell Morgan Mill, Millwood, Virginia

"Burwell Morgan Mill", Millwood, Virginia, 1782, what a gorgeous mill, the Monday we were in the area it was not open. Fri & Sun 12-5 Sat 10-5. I would say if you have never been to grist mill, make sure of their hours & take a visit. Well worth the time & drive. It is so fun to learn how one works, see the gears turning, hear the gears turning & see what items they do make. Lot of them still make & sell the flour, buckwheat flour, corn mill, it all depends. Such amazing work, I guess I was raised in a family that found pride & honor in that kind of work... getting your hands dirty, keep those gears working smoothly & all. Very cool. Beth ( :

Dark Hollow Falls, Virginia

The hubby & I took a hike on the trail at Dark Hollow Falls, part of "Shenandoah National Park" off the "Skyline Drive" in Virginia. Even though it was a Monday when we visited this trail, it was so busy. Lot of folks with their huge tripods taking pictures of the waterfalls. Lots or recent rain had caused this waterfalls to be even more gorgeous. I prefer taking shots without others in the shot, but at times there is no way to get a photograph without someone you have no clue who they are in your shot? How do you deal with that situation? 

We do have a "National Parks Pass", & if you are like us you should really investigate it more because it does save ya money. We stop into National Parks all over the US. They do have a "Senior Pass" for folks over the age of 62, for a lifetime pass for only $10.00 bucks. What a deal!!!... hoping they will still have that when we get to that age, fingers crossed there. Please watch & hear the wat…

Ausable Point Campground, New York

"Ausable Point Campground", New York. Let's talk Beth, if you want to get me up early in the AM, something that will make me jump on up early, early, early a gorgeous sunrise. At this campground was a perfect location to catch one. I am not sure what I love more, a sunset or a sunrise. The 2nd shot was sunset. AMAZING!! The hubby & I will be definitely returning to this campground, a major awesome camping spot. 

Quiet, just amazing hiking & a great place to enjoy your life!!! Please check out the video.. Beth ( :

Ausable Chasm, New York

"Ausable Chasm", New York. I think a lot of people tend to think of New York as only the NEW YORK CITY, but the state has so much to offer. Amazing must see sights. This is one of those sights.

Our visit was on a very calm day. Only a few visitors. Such an amazing hike too. It's video time. I love looking back at our trips. So fun. If you celebrate Thanksgiving hope it is a day full of turkey all those great trimmings. If it's just a normal chilly fall day you enjoy that too.  Beth ( :

Fillmore Glen State Park, Moravia, New York

"Fillmore Glen State Park", Moravia, New York. Hiking to this waterfall is very close to the campground. If you are not expecting the waterfall you might miss it. The campground has new & very clean restrooms. They have 2 sides to the campground, it was a busy one during the week when we were there.

Check out the video. Beth ( :

Ludlowville Falls, Lansing, New York

"Ludlowville Falls", Lansing, New York. There was no wait to see this waterfall, we were the only ones in sight. a quaint little area. You park, walk through the grass and BAM this waterfall is just there. It is amazing!!! It would be a great spot to take in some views & a bite to eat. Check out the video below. So fun!!! Beth ( :

Hunting Island State Park, South Carolina

Taking off from our regularly scheduled posts to tell you about a recent trip we took to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. (on 11/17 you can read a life update & all about my November "OwlCrate" unboxing on my other blog "Hike2Forty and beyond") The planned: head to Rice, Texas to pick up our "Casita" 17 Independence Deluxe & enjoy the sights going & coming home. (I'll show ya pics of our "Cozy Casa" soon.) Let me say, I know I have said it before & I will probably say it again soon enough... that when we travel we seem to bring rain with us every where we go, so if you are out there & you want rain give me a call asap!! I am open for booking & a small fee needs to be included. thanks. We took rain to Texas & I hope they were happy about it, We were not happy but we made the best of it. Here's the rain schedule, rained every single day (maybe not constantly but pretty darn close.) but the 1/2 day when w…