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Smallwood State Park, MD.

Smallwood State Park, 2750 Sweden Point Rd, Marbury, MD. 20658 A very quiet campground for us, Totally booked out for the Memorial Day weekend, May 2019. I think there were like 20 spots, I maybe off a bit, but pretty close. Probably one of the smaller state parks we have ever been too??! Nice sleep spot. I gotta tell you, we never figured it out. One night I wake up to this siren went throughout the night, but no clue what was going on?? I wish the state park would have mentioned it in their literature??! CLUELESS??! We never saw any one to ask either, so curious. We did notice across the water when kayaking was a military base??! Was it their siren? Thankfully we had a fan to sort of drown out the noise??! But it kind of makes you think that when you hear a noise, what can you do? What is going on? Crazy? Silly? Scary? WHAT??! We were so lucky to take a kayaking trip, sometimes we run into a rain problem, kayaking in the rain is not fun. We have done that sev

Piscataway Park, MD

Piscataway Park, National Colonial Farm, MD 3400 Bryan Point Rd, Accokeek, MD. 20607 (301)283-2113 "Founded in 1957 to protect the view from Mount Vernon across the Potomac River, the Accokeek Foundation, an educational nonprofit, became one of the nation's first land trusts. Today, the Foundation stewards 200 hundred acres of Piscataway National Park in Accokeek, MD, where visitors can hike a network of trails winding through wetlands, visit a native tree arboretum, and observe an award-wining forest restoration project. The newly reconstructed boat dock offers stunning views of Mount Vernon and allows visitors to arrive by passenger boat and kayakers to access the Potomac via newly installed kayak launches The Foundation also runs the National Colonial Farm, a living history museum that depicts a Maryland middle-class family farm" ((for more info please see here: ))

Fort Washington, Maryland

Fort Washington - Fort Washington Lighthouse - Maryland  13551 Fort Washington Rd Fort Washington, MD. 20744 (301)763-4600 "Built to defend the river approach to Washington, DC, Fort Washington has stood as silent sentry for over 200 years. As technologies advanced so did Fort Washington, from the brick and stone of the 19th century to the concrete and steel of the 20th century.  Joining the National Park Service in 1946, the park continues to protect the Potomac River." ((more info. please see: )) A gorgeous area of Maryland, we had a camping spot at Smallwood State Park, MD. So it was fun to check out all the local must see sights. Tour are before 4:30 pm, we arrived like 6ish we just took a walk around ...they allow you to walk around until sunset was great to see all the walkers, Marylandians enjoying their Memorial Day weekend, May 2019, the nice evening ...with walking, getting exercise,

Froelich Historic Site, Froelich, Iowa

Froelich Historic Site 24397 Froelich Road Froelich, Iowa Enjoy 1890s Village where John Froelich invented the first gasoline propelled tractor, 1892, becoming the forerunner of John Deere.  (There is a sign there on the front of that store, this is what that sign does say...) "The Iron Clad Store & Post Office - This store was built in 1981 by Edwin Froelich, after the previous general store burned down that had been located where the Froelich Monument is currently located. It was called the Iron Clad Store for the exterior was covered with fire-proof steel siding to prevent it from being set on fire by sparks from teh Steam Locomotive Engine and train cars as it parked outside, just west of the store to load and unload freight. When the Grain Elevator and Mill, located to the north of the store burned down, it heated the siding and nails red hot, but did not set the Iron Clad Store on fire. There were many owners over the years. In 1