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wildlife in Jasper National Park

For you wildlife folks who normally get out there and take photographs of animals, birds, anything that moves ... you have my thoughts, well wishes, pat on the back, whatever you want to call it. I guess i just don't have the patience to wait. I always seem to get the butt shots, not the face view I would be hoping for... I want to get the shot and move on. I don't want to wait. You should have seen the crew of people stopped to get these elks photograph. It was wild!! animal paparazzi? traffic jam?!! rubbernecking?!! what else do folks call that kind of mess??! 
Little did this crew of elk know that just a few moments ago the hubby & I were eating elk ...sorry guys. don't hate!!! Beth ( :
linking up to Theresa's for "Good Fences" and Eileen's for "Saturday's Critters"

Pyramid Lake Resort

We had dinner at "Pyramid Lake Resort". We were camping at the Wapiti campground within Jasper National Park. We were so happy to find the restaurant ...some times we just head thinking we want to find the 1st great looking place to try out. & thankfully this was a great pick, check out these views we got to see while eating this fabulous meal. This meal was one of the best meals we had all of our whole Canadian trip. It was a amazing!! 1. appetizer, 2. I had halibut, 3. hubby had elk, and 4. was the pyramid chocolate yummyness. it was delicious!! Are you now hungry? Beth ( :

Sunwapta Falls

Sunwapta Falls, part of Jasper National Park. gorgeous!!! no cliff jumping allowed. can you imagine?!! shockingly high heights. Beth ( :

Athabasca Glacier Icewalks

Athabasca Glacier Icewalks, is part of Jasper National Park, Canada. What I love about hiking - is to look back at that path and think yeah, it was a real struggle but I made it through ok. I am still alive. Doing fine. Kind of like looking at your own life. 
Look at that hike, you will huff and puff ...but when you get to the top it is well worth the view. Hope you can get the perspective and see how steep it truly was and is. My issue with hiking while cold is your getting hot, even starting to sweat but it is so cold that your nose is running many emotions going on. ha. ha!! That all being said it is well worth the stress, the freezing temps and huffing and puffing. Please go, no regrets!!! If you want to see more beyond those ropes you have to pay. Beth ( :

Bow Summit, Icefield Parkway, Canada

Bow Summit, is a great hike while taking the Icefield Parkway is an huge up hill hike ...but well worth the pain & burning muscles to get to the top & see this awesome amazing view. it was freezing when we walked up there. didn't have a temperature gauge... but my bones told me it was COLD!!! brr!! Beth ( :

Bow Lake, Icefield Parkway, Canada

Hey there! Bow Lake, Icefield Parkway, Canada. Did you see my hubby. Every once in a while he make an appearance on the blog. He has no desire to be in the shots. Maybe one day he will ...for now he is just a background kind of guy. But he will never know if he's back is too us, right??! wink. wink. ha. ha!! who's laughing??! I am. Beth ( :

Numa Falls, Kootenay National Park

Numa Falls, part of the Kootenay National Park. gorgeous!!

Take a listen to this video. If you can tell me what my hubby is saying win a prize. Beth ( :

Marble Canyon, Kootenay National Park

Marble Canyon, in the Kootenay National Park, Canada is a gorgeous area. see for yourself. what do you think? be still my eyes, beating heart and mind. mind blowing i think??! ( :

Check out the video too. Have a nice day! Beth ( :

Takakkaw Falls

I love to share waterfalls ..."Takakkaw Falls". Canada you rock!! Your waterfalls are Canadian awesome!!

Take a listen to this sound of this waterfall you will be amazed. We sure were very amazed!! Water power!!! Beth ( :