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Orkney Spring, Virginia

  1. "Henrietta Furnace" , outside of Orkney Springs, operated 1851 to 1864.  We have been so lucky to find these on many of our travels, love finding them. So COOL!! Orkney Spring, Virginia, 22845 2 & 3: Almost completely empty, very few folks walking around these amazing buildings. Great day for driving through. "Wikipedia " , is great for info, if you wish for more, please click these places for more info. "Virginia House", "Shrine Mont" , they really enjoy folks who stop by for fly fishing. It was purchased in 1979 by the Episcopal Church. Retreat area. 4:  "Macedonia Church" , Coffeytown, Virginia. Built in 1896. A historic Methodist Church, Gothic Revival style influences... Thank you for stopping by today. It is always super kind of ya. It was a quick day trip last Sunday March 19, hope you had a great Saint Patrick's Day, if you celebrate??! Always enjoy getting, feeling and being in the sun, see gorgeous sights & ju