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Davidson Windmill

Davidson Windmill, Lakeside, Wisconsin "Built by Finnish immigrant and homesteader, Jacob (Tapola) Davidson, it served Old-Brule and Lakeside in the South Shore region from 1904 to 1926. Constructed of native materials, it was used for milling locally grown grains for both animal and human consumption. Old-Brule Heritage Society 2001" This was a cool side stop, my hubby said we were there in August 2020, and so thankful they had a pit toilet because you were not in a well populated area's the small things in life that mean the most!! Can I get an AMEN???!! so true. LOL!! Gorgeous area. Lovely windmill cool. Love seeing these. What amazing piece of architecture. Hope you are well today. Thank you for stopping by today. Take Care. Beth ( ; 

Forevertron, Wisconsin

 S7703 US Highway 12, North Freedom, WI 53951 "Dr. Evermor's Forevertron is the largest scrap metal sculpture in the world..." It is fun to see, more my hubby's style than mine ...I mean to see it in person is just amazing how huge these critters are ...apparently there are many movies that were filmed there. There is a variety shop at the front and you pretty much say I wanna see "Forevertron" and they tell you where to head to see these awesome finds. Neat-O!! right??! What fun. Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ;

Batesville Market, Batesville, VA

Batesville Market, 6624 Plank Road, Batesville, VA 22924 (434)823-2001 What was delicious there you might ask? Their "sticky buns", we got some 2 sandwiches, dish of tuna salad and one sticky bun to go home and I about died, the hubby was super kind and let me have most of it, my mouth is watering now just thinking about it, don't ya wish that when you hesitated about buying more than one, someone would hit ya and say in your ear go on, buy more, do it!!!  ...that was so so YUMMY GOOD!! Wish I had known and I would gotta a few more. A fun quick stop by if you are in the area. 25 mph speed zone, so a great spot to walk, breathe, take in the local quiet life, music, scenery and enjoy the local feels.  As a kid my parents would take me past the Batesville Market, a different road to head to my Grandma Ruby's house in southern Virginia, it was totally out of the way, but when you wanted a totally new route it was fun to take, it always

Zumbrota Covered Bridge

Zumbrota Covered Bridge Zumbrota, Minnesota "Constructed over Zumbro River in 1869 Cost $5,800.  Original site highway 58 about 1,000 feet from present location." Hey there, sad to say this is the LAST of the "covered bridges" in Minnesota. Am I the only one that truly can feel a dragger to the heart when hearing that statement?? Can you imagine??! SHOCKER!!! Wow, I can say that I honestly don't get what the world is coming to ...what "kids these days" enjoy and don't enjoy, it really blows my mind and I wish I could understand and see there end result and so in so. What about history? What about where we came from? What made us who we are today? All that jazz. YOU KNOW??!?!  I am so so so happy that Zumbrota, Minnesota has taken the time to restore this ONE COVERED BRIDGE and is keeping it in good condition.... I just wish they had done more to the others who did not survive. Thank you fo