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Warm Springs, VA

Bath County Recreational Campground, 7305 State Route 600, Warm Springs, VA 24484, They do have camping, no power or water. Dry camping as they call it in the camping world. So quiet there. You could just sit awhile and chill. Let's kayak ...sometimes lakes are kind of small ...looks can be deceiving?! LOL! Not much shade, lots of red winged black birds though ...they were too quick for me to get any shots. A beautiful tune they do sing. Be Well & Be Blessed!!! Take Care!! See ya next time! Beth ( ;

Motts Run Reservoir

Hey There!! Motts Run Reservoir, Fredericksburg, Virginia, I love it after a time of too too much humidity you will have days where the weather is just awesome!!! Not hot or cold. Just right. Makes you wish that this kind of weather would and could last for days and days. Perfect moments for a kayaking trip. We did pack a lunch and enjoyed a watery lunch, you know sitting in our kayaks eating a bite. Great exercise. Hope ya enjoy!! Take Care. Thanks for stopping by. Be Well & Be Blessed!!! Beth ( ;

Virginia Creeper Trail

HEY THERE! Hope you are well today. Let's enjoy views from our biking trip on the Virginia Creeper Trail. There are numerous spots to jump off your bike take a moment to breathe, time for a lunch break, take some pics, jump in the water or smell some wildflowers. This time there were so many little kids riding with their parents, usually it is teens and adults. Fun to see so many folks enjoying the day. The water was so chilly, the hubby was brave enough to take a walk through, NOT ME! If you will notice I had to stop by the 40 sign ...each year for some reason I started the tradition to stand by the birthday number (how I came up with it? I have no clue, but little kids do, so why shouldn't we enjoy our new age, I am trying to deal with it, growing use to the BIG 40, I am working on it!!! I know it is not that big of an age ...but I am digesting lots over it all. LOL!) ...the last time I did this was way about in my 38th year. I sadly did make it to