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Monkey Lighthouse & Clubs

  "Monkey Island" , NC "is a remote, natural island located in Currituck Sound, NC and is part of the Currituck National Wildlife Refuge. Contrary to its name, there are no monkeys on Monkey Island. It is named for the Pamunkey nation at once inhabited the area, and used the island for summer hunting." Corolla Lighthouse, NC - Whalehead Club 1100 Club Road, Corolla, NC 27927 - (252) 453-9040 The historic Whalehead Club is large 21,0000 square foot home located on a remote tract facing the Currituck Sound in North Carolina, the structure was designed by owners Edwards Collings Jr. and Marie Louise Label Knight and contracted by Daniel Peckham between 1922 and 1925. ... "MORE INFO, see here... " Such fun my hubby had one June weekend, where he was one place and I was another, sometimes it is nice to see different things, so I'm sharing what he visited with you, he has a best friend (the best man in our wedding in Nov 2004) and he goes to see him and his

June 20 24

  Pal's Sudden Services - (423) 246-9761 327 Revere St, Kingsport, TN 37660 "Fast-food chain, founded in 1956, serving up burgers, hot dogs & fries, plus breakfast fare" Such great burgers, have you ever had the chance to have one???!! Delicious. We love their Razzie Tea (raspberry) or Peachie Tea (peach) I am thinking these are seasonal, but not sure there? You will have to check the next time you are visiting, very tasty good. This time we had "cheddar rounds" they were so good as well. I don't think we have ever had a bad meal at Pal's?!? Such quick service. Am I the only one who is hungering for a good ole' burger and fries. DROOLING!! lol.  Roberts' Mill, Sugar Grove, Virginia aka "Hamm's Mill", Highlander Road, Smyth County, Roller Mill, built in 1918. Wythe County, Virginia (route 619) Gleaves Road, go over Cripple Creek The hubs and I were laughing that they would probably not be fixing this any time soon it didn't a

Liveable Moments!

  Let's talk SUBARU, if you are someone who needs a new car, please do investigate, do you research and learn more about the SUBARU brand glad to be back in a SUBARU again, I feel safe, I feel secure and knowing that there are so many safety helpers (items that can assist) in this car, to watch out for us. Back to being a SUBARU family, if only we could get my hubs parents in one, maybe one day soon??!?! I miss my Crosstrek that I had 4 or was it 5 years ago ... it was orange, loved it. This is our beauty now, love her ... "LuLu" (Crosstrek Wilderness, 2024) the SUBARU, she is awesome, doesn't look like this really any more ... why because the hubby got to changing it ...he can not leave cars alone ... see Luigi below. So you might have heard me chat about my car, in past bloggy posts, I was hesitate to show him because he is the only like him, there are tons of Fiat 500, I am sure WHITE ones at that, but ones with an Italian flag, not so many??!?! I was always

May 20 24

Soda Pop's Ice Cream, 125 Everett Street, Bryson City, NC. (828) 788-0013 Hey there, friends. I appreciate you all for visiting and commenting, you are always so super kind. I have been checking out some ole' bloggy friends that I've not visited in years. Not that I forgot about them just kind of missed placed them or didn't visit as much as I once did. Is that not the best? Playing catch up and chatting up a storm? How, you might ask? I went back into my comments from a long time ago and found their blogs and visited. You gotta keep up with your friends.  So this cutie was on a recent trip we took in May beginning of June 2024. We got to the Smoky Mtn, Tennessee oh man ... the green ...they have definitely been lucky in the rain department, so lush and green there.  Now all of these sights were not seen in 1 day, but over multiple days, like 5 it was a long journey of backroads over days. Ever had "Pal's Sudden Service" , great burgers, fun d

Rugby, TN

  Rugby Schoolhouse, 1907 "Rugby, originally conceived as a class-free, agricultural community for the younger sons of English gentry, was named after Thomas Hughes’ alma mater in England. One of the best things about Historic Rugby is that though most colonists left by 1900, enough people remained to ensure its survival. Starting in 1880, it was at its peak in the mid-1880s, with about 300 people living in the colony. More than 60 buildings of Victorian design graced the townscape on East Tennessee’s beautiful Cumberland Plateau. Hughes originally envisioned this community as a cooperative enterprise, with a cultured, Christian lifestyle, free of the rigid class distinctions of Britain. .." The day we did visit in 2023, fall time visiting was windy and very chilly out, so we only saw a very small amount of Rugby. Chatted with the lady working in the gift shop and used their restroom. Gorgeous architecture and fun to see how it was all survivi