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Pine Creek Mill, Iowa

Pine Creek Mill  Muscatine County "In 1839 the Iowa Territorial Legislature gave the first authorization to Benjamin Nye to build a dam across Pine Creek for the development of waterpower and to erect mills. Mr. Nye built three mills in this vicinity. This mill was erected about 1850 and restored in 1932. This area was also the site of the first post office in Muscatine County. Mail was addressed: "Iowa Post Office Blackhawk Purchase, Wisconsin Territory." " (plaque message located on the grist mill) "Pine Mill Bridge & Pine Creek Gristmill, are the only place in Iowa where a mill & bridge combination remains in place..." This is part of Wild Cat Den State Park, in Iowa do get to see so many amazing sights all in one spot, loved that, gorgeous area, such a lovely day ... "Melpine School No 5", Pine Creek Mill, and the steel super structure bridge. Be sure to bring your picnic lunch and still a spill. Thanks for stopping by today.

Blue Heron Mine, KY

  "Blue Heron, also known as Mine 18, is a former coal mining community or coal town on the banks of the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River in McCreary County, KY. Blue Heron was operated as a company town of the Stearns Coal and Lumber Company. It's coal mines opened in 1937 and operated until December 1962..." I find it amazing how many folks we have chatted with on our traveling that didn't even realize that Kentucky has a huge number of mines. (What rock have you been living under? Mine HUMOR there!! LOL!!) Not sure if they are just thinking the West Virginia is one of the main mine locations or not??! Coal is a huge deal, I am sure there are many other resources we get as well??! I just can not imagine the time, energy, money (I would think the pay now is maybe a bit better than in the past, I am just guessing there, but I would think that there would be like hazard pay, right? This kind of job is so dangerous at times) but back in the day they didn't get

Mill Springs Park, Kentucky

  Mill Springs Park,  Mill Springs Mill, Monticello, KY This was one of my favorite mills to see, the caretaker was a real gem, he was so respectful, kind and I just wish we could all be so kind to one another, any one we do meet. I love finding someone who has had a history within the mill, his father was the caretaker before him,  he was concerned about the mill and it's future, you see the state is trying to come in and take over, instead (I think the point is it is state owned now, and national parks wanna comes in, now I will never say, which is better, cause I honestly do not know??! As a private person who enjoys visiting different travel spots, I want spots to stay open, I think it is important to share and get others to visit, why the world goes around, why folks who don't get travel, if you don't travel you down learn and grow. it is important for the mind and soul. I am not saying you can not think otherwise, so be that, but I love learning. always.) of privately

Zaharakos Soda Fountain

 Zaharakos - since 1909 329 Washington St, Columbus, Indiana Let me see, can I recall what we had for lunch ... we got a huge cobb salad, (I am not sure how you are when it comes to salad, but when I find a good one, you better believe I am going to keep getting over and over, and if I did live around there I could totally see myself getting this one again, it was so delicious, great selection and the dressing was so good 2. don't recall the name of the 2 drinks we got, but something they were famous for, mine was green, and my hubby's had something to do with OJ?? We were smiling over their use of paper straws, now I get why we are changing, but they still just do not hold up over time of drinking a small drink, they start to dissolve right there within your drink, so silly.) that was enough to feed myself and the hubby completely but we did get dessert to go which was a milk shake (which was so creamy, and delicious, enjoyed that on our drive away, this