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Lincoln Museum, Hodgenville, Kentucky

The Lincoln Museum 66 Lincoln Square Hodgenville, KY 42748 (270)358-3163
Hey there, thank you stopping by today!! I am such a fan of President Abraham Lincoln. He was truly one of my favorite Presidents to learn about in school. I guess partly due to his extreme height and how cool he looked. I just loved studying about him and all his historical moments. Always a fan of hearing and seeing artifacts about him. Who is your favorite President? Or maybe you might wanna say who you loved learning about when you were a child?
There were a few maybe like two paintings, of Lincoln making him look very sad, rough and weak?!! I always imagined Mr. Lincoln to be a man of such strength, courage and honor. He would never show weakness ...I know he went through some rough moments ...but he had such character.
It is just tough to take a picture of a picture ... I went throughout the museum looking of paintings or other keepsakes trying to decide what to share with y…

Cecil's Mill Historic District, Maryland

Cecil's Country Store - Cecil's Old Mill (1810) - Maryland 20853 Indian Bridge Road California, MD. 20619 (301) 994-9622
Cecil's Mill Historic District "The original water-powered textile mill 'Clifton Factory', built in 1812, was rebuilt as a flour mill in 1900 by John Thomas Cecil. Historic district also includes Cecil's Country Store and Post Office built in 1906." see more here:
Hey there, thank you for stopping by today. The hubby and I are having a war of we have been there, done that ...but he swears we have not kind of discussion??! I know this mill and general store, the minute we pulled into the parking area, I was like deja vu moment, started trying to recall when we were there and what we saw, etc. I am going to do some more research, I gotta figure it out, 'cause I am drawing a blank?? ...know we have been there done that for sure!!! I am searching my photos to be sure??…

Glory Days Antiques, MD

Glory Days Antiques 12005 Crain Hwy, Newburg, MD. 20644 (301)259-4500
I will say I am not really an antique lover ...the hubby is. I can appreciate it, the history ..the look, the old and wanting to enjoy it in your home. But is not like I say to the hubby lets go antiquing... nope, that is so not my style. We do find ourselves looking at them though quite often, The hubs really felt the prices of all these goodies were very reasonable. So I hope you will get a chance to check them out if you are in their area, ENJOY!! Are you an antique lover or what? Thank you for stopping by. Hope you are well. Take Care, Beth ( ;

Smallwood State Park, MD.

Smallwood State Park, 2750 Sweden Point Rd, Marbury, MD. 20658
A very quiet campground for us, Totally booked out for the Memorial Day weekend, May 2019. I think there were like 20 spots, I maybe off a bit, but pretty close. Probably one of the smaller state parks we have ever been too??! Nice sleep spot. I gotta tell you, we never figured it out. One night I wake up to this siren went throughout the night, but no clue what was going on?? I wish the state park would have mentioned it in their literature??! CLUELESS??! We never saw any one to ask either, so curious. We did notice across the water when kayaking was a military base??! Was it their siren? Thankfully we had a fan to sort of drown out the noise??! But it kind of makes you think that when you hear a noise, what can you do? What is going on? Crazy? Silly? Scary? WHAT??!

We were so lucky to take a kayaking trip, sometimes we run into a rain problem, kayaking in the rain is not fun. We have done that several times but it…

Piscataway Park, MD

Piscataway Park, National Colonial Farm, MD 3400 Bryan Point Rd, Accokeek, MD. 20607 (301)283-2113
"Founded in 1957 to protect the view from Mount Vernon across the Potomac River, the Accokeek Foundation, an educational nonprofit, became one of the nation's first land trusts. Today, the Foundation stewards 200 hundred acres of Piscataway National Park in Accokeek, MD, where visitors can hike a network of trails winding through wetlands, visit a native tree arboretum, and observe an award-wining forest restoration project. The newly reconstructed boat dock offers stunning views of Mount Vernon and allows visitors to arrive by passenger boat and kayakers to access the Potomac via newly installed kayak launches The Foundation also runs the National Colonial Farm, a living history museum that depicts a Maryland middle-class family farm" ((for more info please see here:
Hey there, look ya there ...a friendly pig, or hungry one?…

Fort Washington, Maryland

Fort Washington - Fort Washington Lighthouse - Maryland  13551 Fort Washington Rd Fort Washington, MD. 20744 (301)763-4600
"Built to defend the river approach to Washington, DC, Fort Washington has stood as silent sentry for over 200 years. As technologies advanced so did Fort Washington, from the brick and stone of the 19th century to the concrete and steel of the 20th century.  Joining the National Park Service in 1946, the park continues to protect the Potomac River." ((more info. please see:
A gorgeous area of Maryland, we had a camping spot at Smallwood State Park, MD. So it was fun to check out all the local must see sights. Tour are before 4:30 pm, we arrived like 6ish we just took a walk around ...they allow you to walk around until sunset was great to see all the walkers, Marylandians enjoying their Memorial Day weekend, May 2019, the nice evening ...with walking, getting exercise, playing frisbee or just chilling. G…

Froelich Historic Site, Froelich, Iowa

Froelich Historic Site 24397 Froelich Road Froelich, Iowa Enjoy 1890s Village where John Froelich invented the first gasoline propelled tractor, 1892, becoming the forerunner of John Deere. 
(There is a sign there on the front of that store, this is what that sign does say...)
"The Iron Clad Store & Post Office - This store was built in 1981 by Edwin Froelich, after the previous general store burned down that had been located where the Froelich Monument is currently located. It was called the Iron Clad Store for the exterior was covered with fire-proof steel siding to prevent it from being set on fire by sparks from teh Steam Locomotive Engine and train cars as it parked outside, just west of the store to load and unload freight. When the Grain Elevator and Mill, located to the north of the store burned down, it heated the siding and nails red hot, but did not set the Iron Clad Store on fire. There were many owners over the years. In 1914, Jake Tayek and Alonzo & Mattie (…

McGregor, Iowa

McGregor, Iowa.
McGregor, Iowa (northern Iowa, let me tell ya a story here, if you will please listen, my chiropractor was curious where we had been on our travel and I said this town's name and he said oh yeah, that he went to college in Iowa, I had to giggle, we both did laugh. I am terrible with direction, like North, South, East or West ... i just get where the states are ...but knowing how to hold a map, oh well's all good. We all need a laugh, right??!) is right across the river from Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. The closet little area for us to grab lunch while staying at Pikes Peak State Park. Such a fun town. Our favorite restaurant of the trip ...would totally recommend it to ya if you are in that area ... check out "The Old Man River Restaurant and Brewery", 123 A St. McGregor, Iowa, 52157. (563) 873-2002. Their pizza (we tried 2 different ones, we were there with about 7 people total) and a side salad. Our friends got a peanut butter beer ...they en…

Motor Mill, Elkader, Iowa

Motor Mill, Elkader, IA. 52043
Let's see that mill ...I wonder why folks don't get the history behind these amazing pieces of architecture. I know we have moved forward in technology ...but come on folks these places need to be preserved. Take care of and remembered. I wonder why so many folks of a younger age don't think about where we have come from and know it is meant to be honored and preserved. I wish I could come up with a better word than "preserved" but that is what keeps popping into my mind at the moment of typing up this post. Think of men (I don't believe the ladies did this work, but if they did ... THANK YOU!) did most of the work and it is just amazing. Such history. Thanks, for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ;

Motor Mill Bridge, Elkader, Iowa

Motor Mill Bridge, Elkader, IA. 52043
Hey There!! You can see this bridge and grist mill ...all in a pretty quick walk see the view. A quiet area when we were there. If you care to see the history, please look it up, The bridge has been redone several times, do to loss of it when the area did flood back in the early 2000's. Flooding apparently really does affect this area it seems??! Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week. Take Care!!! Beth ( :

Hiking at Pikes Peak

Hiking at Pikes Peak State Park, Iowa 
I can still feel the burn ...that back of your leg muscle ...whatever that one is... gets me every time coming up up and down steep steps. OUCH!! But it was fun being outdoors getting exercise. Great views. Not to hot yet, but I bet it gets hot in the summer??! Those pathways were interesting to see ...they were moving and grooving. I guess that is normal, but sure feel weird under your feet think are these things going to hold up? With all the recent rain and such ...will I keep my balance, slipping abilities or what?? Never had an issue with heights as a kid, but I feel it a bit as an adult. I won't let it keep me from stuff, but I can sense it deal, next!! lol!! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are well. Take Care!!! Beth

Pikes Peak State Park, Iowa

Pikes Peak State Park Physical Address: 32264 Pikes Peak Road McGregor, IA 52157-8558 563-873-2341
Hey there!! Pikes Peak State Park, was our home for like 4 days, during early May 2019 ...we got to travel around there and come back for the evening rest and relaxation time. Not too far from Wisconsin (where we did grab lunch or our morning coffee run to McDonald's in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. yum!! Love their coffee.) It was fun seeing old camping friends and getting to know new ones as well. This was taken at a scenic area right in the state park ...right across from the campground. Not a far walk or hike at all. We got to have a fire in their pavilion several nights. Wowza is Iowa cold. Well it sure was when we were there, rainy too. But we did our best and we enjoyed it all. So fun!! I hope I am not mixing up my town names, but with all the recent rain and such (flooding) Davenport their levees (I think I have the right word there, I tried to google it, but silly google is …

Casey, Illinois

Casey, Illinois 1. World's Largest Rocking Chair 2. World's Largest Wind Chime 3. Library Book Worm 4. World's Largest Mailbox 5. Minion
We were hoping to find food, gas and enjoy some sights while taking the Casey, Illinois exit. We got gasoline and found these cool sights... No food that we were hoping for ...but a library WORM. book worm. so cool, I took it for my Mom who was a middle school librarian. SO FUN!! I always wonder how folks decide things are "World's Largest... blah. blah. blah." are there rules about that or what? SO CURIOUS??! Now there were plenty of other World's Largest items we did go in search for ...but if you are in the Casey, Illinois be sure to check them out, a cool area of the world to see. Have a great day. Thanks for stopping by. Take Care. Beth ( ;

Bily Clocks Museum Churches

hey there, Linking these churches up to "InSPIREd Sunday". Check it out. ( ;
I had to share these 2 churches from the Bily Clocks Museum in Spillville, Iowa. If you did miss my 2 other blog posts about the museum, please do go catch up:  1. The Bily Clocks Museum, Spillville, Iowa 2. Close Up's From Bily Clock Museum These 2 brothers really were amazing, such talents. Some parts move, dance, sing, have music. If you are ever in Iowa, you should totally stop by. What a great visit we did have. Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day!! Take Care. Beth ( ;

Close Up's from the Bily Clock Museum

more from the Bily Clock Museum, did you miss my first blog post "see here". Just look that that work, can you believe that is real, it is just mind numbing to me. 2nd picture is my fave of all these clocks, i love transportation and found it really cool all those details. 3rd picture is the clock Henry Ford want to pay 1 million dollars (this would have been in the 30's, depression era ... amazing that folks even had a million dollars way back then) to have in his museum. & did u know the Smithsonian Museum has asked to have these clocks in their museum, but the Bily Bros. always wanted their works of art to stay in Spillville, Iowa. I sure hope folks will go there to see them, so amazing. Some parts move, dance, sing, have music. We had a camping friend named "Iowa Dave" and he recommended us to go. So fun!! I really enjoyed it. Have a great day. Thank you for stopping by. Take Care, Beth ( ;

The Bily Clocks Museum, Spillville, Iowa

The Bily Clocks Museum 323 S. Main Street Spillville, IA. 52168 (563)562-3569
The top picture is of Spillville, Iowa way back when. Cool to see what towns looked like back in the day. 2nd shot is the The Bily Brothers, they were amazing, such genius!!! My grandfather Pop-Pop made several grandfather clocks and other wooden (hand craved items) items throughout his lifetime, so I know the love, time, energy it takes to be handy like this... I'll admit it brought me to tears and I was pretty much speechless. How do explain art is really something you just have to feel, I never understood that in art class is art, if you feel it is art. You know??! I understand sort of why they men didn't want to sell their work, but can you imagine what their work would have sold for is just priceless!!! Some parts move, dance, sing, have music. I will be sharing more next 2 weeks, please be sure to check in for that. I got several close-up's. Thanks for stopping by. Beth …

Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum, Iowa

Laura Ingalls Wilder Park & Museum 3603 236th Ave. Burr Oak, Iowa 52101 (563) 735-5916
Plan Your Visit:
Were you a Laura Ingalls fan? I loved those books and the tv show. I think I have seen all episodes? Did you have a favorite one? I couldn't get over the Ma and Pa... I did ask the hubs after we left the place, what was their real names, I know they were not Ma and Pa??! LOL! I didn't realize that her parents really got around ...they moved and moved across are great nation. Trying to make a living and keep their family living well and healthy. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!!! Beth ( ;

Kayaking N Virginia

Hey There!! Let's catch up... I sure hope you are doing well. I'm doing good. Approaching another birthday ...May is the month for me ... I don't feel as shaky, unsure, unknown, curious, worried, etc. etc... as I did when I hit the big 40 ...but I wonder when age hits ya. I know I am getting older ...I don't feel my age. I am told I don't look my age. & I am clueless to know what a 40 year old acts like? Is there really a way to act at any age? I MEAN REALLY? Does any one really walk around going I know what I am doing. Or is every one just doing the best darn way they know how ...I wish the world and every one in it would feel a bit more comfortable being honest. Why the acting? Feel how you feel and just be. I am clueless and I am totally okay with that. (most of the time, lol!!) Or at least I am sure trying to be okay with it all. LOL!! I fail, and fail constantly but I keep trying & I refuse to NOT KEEP TRYING EACH AND EVERY DAY. I see folks worse off …