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Bird Houses - DiBona

 Dom & Carla DiBona  Wood U Farms - 540-223-5153 Handmade Wooden Creations Bars, Patio Furniture & More Looking on FB the hubby found these amazing birdhouses, so in the month of November 2023, we drove to see them. Christmas 2023 ...we gave away 2 bird house (the Indian to my MIL, the prospector to my mother) and did keep one for our collection (the pirate). We sure hope after our visit he did realize how amazingly talented he is and was making these amazing wooden art pieces. Art comes in all forms. Just amazing!! Do you work with your hands? Are you artistic? What's your hobby? This was such fun. Really glad my hubby found Dom ...such a genius ...our parents and the pirate we did keep was such a great Christmas gift for 2023 ...such a hit. He can be found online if you so desire. We love finding artists in or on our travels, so this is 1 we will never forget. What a blast, I think it is amazing how many artistic folks we have met who just don't realize how awesomely

APM, Hendersonville, NC

Appalachian Pinball Museum 538 N. Main Street, Hendersonville, NC 828-702-9277 If you are ever find yourself in Hendersonville, North Carolina please do take the time to visit the "Appalachian Pinball Museum", such a cool spot. Does truly bring back such great childhood memories. I have never played pinball machines, only watch others older kids at the time. I can see it like it was yesterday, don't ya think that memories are fun like that ...seeing the big kid "BOY" (he was probably only in high school, when you were in elementary school but truly who know what age he was?? Age is but a number, it really didn't even faze you at that time. Unlike today standards.) who would pull back that thingy, 'cause I never knew what that was called but you would all watch in awe as to what the heck he was doing and the ball would go flying in the machine, and you would be cheering along hoping me would win big. Are you a film buff? Did you know that I've never w

VA furnace

  *** Heads UP:  if you are 1 who does (or wishes to) follow along with the hubs & my journey of our boat being built, ...update ... please see this...  post here: "Mr. E Boat" - Hippobottomus *** In December 2023, not sure of the date but it was on one find gorgeous weekend, going out looking for land, great views and something that will make us ultra happy!! Do you know we have been looking over 3 years now, we are not 1 who is looking for something right now, just something that will knock our socks, shoes and shades off. LOL!!!  We did find this beauty. Trying to find some research to share with you, in case you wanna see it in person. Solitude Road, Jennings Creek, Buchanan, VA 24066. Here are some links if you wanna do some more researching about "furnaces"...   Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. That your 2024, has kicked off with a great start, 'cause we all deserve a great sup

Unknown Milling??!

  West of interstate 81, North of Lexington, VA - McClung Road, possibly???! Hey there, can you believe it is January 2024???! Time sure does fly, doesn't it?? DON'T Blink!! seen in early July 2023, on a day drive. Are you in your forever HOME?? We are looking ...some where that we can build in a nice area, quiet, not busy, good view, we have a home in mind that is all on one floor, NO STAIRS ...and a huge garage for all the goodies. Land prices are nuts! All prices are nuts!!! I will not talk politics but I gotta say when folks say that things are good ...can you tell me where??! I tend to leave my hubby at home when need to grocery shop 'cause he is always say that it is SO PRICEY ...but it has been for sometime and just continues to increase ...not sure when it will drop???!!!! I am eating less meat ... when I do have meat it is just a wee bit ...what are you doing to save doe? Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ;