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Fort Pulaski

  Fort Pulaski National Monument Savannah, Georgia HEY THERE, bloggy friends. Hope you are well this week, as always please know I appreciate your comments and visits each and every time you do stop by. It makes me feel super special that you would make me a part of your daily life. THANK YOU!!  So many great shots from this day. We are thinking it was September of 2021, that we did visit Tybee Island, Georgia and got to see this amazing historical fort. I loved the shot of the window view and seeing the American flag blowing around, I love it when moments like those happen. WAY COOL!!  I am not always in the know about different ranks in the different services ...but the higher ups did have way more room. Bigger beds, place for eating, relaxing of sorts. The lower ranked men had hardly any space at all. A bed, if you could even call them that. Probably had some hay in the bed covering and I'm sure that lost it puffiness over time. Can you even imagine??? 2nd photo: can you see the

Hamilton Round Barn

  Hamilton Round Barn, West VA 338 Flaggy Meadow Road, Mannington, West VA. 26582 Built 1911, ...a dairy barn and was technologically significant for its impact on farming by incorporating the first electric milking machine in Marion County... We didn't stop into the museum that day, but it was fun to see the barn. JUST GORGEOUS!! This is one of my favorites for sure, so historic, so fancy. What style, don't ya think? SO COOL!! Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 

Easton Roller Mill

  Easton Roller Mill, Morgantown, West VA historic sawmill and grist mill. began construction in 1864 and was completed in 1867.  "Wikipedia for more information"  (please if you are curious, head to their website for more information about this amazing mill, I was amazed and I love history, don't you??!!!! What I did love about this mill, look at those chimneys, not sure we have ever seen one with a chimney that I recall??? thinky face, not sure, what was tough was the mill is located so close to home, so it was tough to get a good photo without getting their homes included. Not what I would have wanted. But I wish I could have seen the back and more of the side views. Guess the online shots will do in a pinch.) This was a side trip we took while on a trip for the hubby's back appointment. If you care or if you need back help, I would be glad to give advice... he has been doing this treatment for a while now.  " Prolotherapy : based on the idea that chronic pain

Waterwheel Restaurant

  The Inn at Gristmill Square and Waterwheel Restaurant Like I did say last week, if you missed that post please catch up "The Virginia Room"  I would be sharing our meal at the Waterwheel Restaurant. Just a hop, skip and a jump away from the rooms, they are all set so lovely together. A nice walk around during any season. We have been there in fall and springtime. Both were just amazing. I hope in the next few bits to tell you what we did have ...the hubs and I looked at their website and had the whole meal planned ....little did we realize that was just a sample menu. Apparently they must change it daily or weekly, not sure??!! It was a shocker, I had to start completely over and make something really connect. The hubby and I always wish to try items we might not have each and everyday.   I'm not sure why or how google (blogger) decides to input these pictures, but they are not in order of when they did occur. LOL!! So I will list what t