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Hunting Island State Park, South Carolina

Hunting Island State Park, South Carolina. We love this state park. I have lost count on how many times we have traveled here. Usually at the end of our trips ...heading back to Virginia. Love the sunset & sunrises there. So so amazing!! This time we rode our bikes on the beach. I have never done that before, can check it off my bucket list, kick stands don't work. The sand gets stuck in your tires and brakes. It can be a mess but so fun!!  The "I <3 You" was a message from the hubby he did with his toes, I figured I would share with you guys. xoxo!!  Enjoy this vlog from our day. Thanks for stopping by!!! Beth ( :

Whitetail Ridge Campground, Georgia

Whitetail Ridge Campground, West Point Lake, LaGrange Georgia. Amazing how many locations we visit that the water has really done a number on the water front, the erosion is amazing, kind of crazy scary??! We got pretty close to the osprey there too. So cool. Love when that happens, other birds are not so friendly, they fly away so I can't take their picture. : ( Please enjoy the vlog from that day. A quick one, fun all the same. Enjoy!!! Thank you for stopping, have a great day!! Beth ( :

Lake Moomaw, Covington, Virginia

Real Quick Note: Not sure how 2 posts got scheduled last week, but thanks to all who commented on both, we were camping at Maryland state park, no internet service, meaning now way to change it until we got home on Tuesday last week. We were eating by mosquitoes now stop. Outdoors, in the restrooms, going to the trash, couldn't go kayaking, could even take a bike ride... but we dealt with it and did take 2 long bike rides and did enjoy a few sights. How do folks deal with that a normal basics? WILD TIMES!!! I did mean to post it today... so Let's Get Started!! Have a super fabulous week!! ( ; "Lake Moomaw", Bolar Mtn., Covington, Virginia . This was our 2nd visit to Lake Moomaw, did you miss our 1st visit? "See here" . We were there June 19-21, for a quick long weekend trip. It was such great weather, nice to just get away, a chance to have no internet or phone call. Loved that.  As you can see I had a bit

Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico

"Carlsbad Caverns" National Park, New Mexico . I have numerous shots, and even some video... But have you ever taken pics or video in a cave? It doesn't turn out as well as you would have hope it would??! =:-(   I'm from Virginia ...there are tons of caves around here you can visit... & for a whole lot cheaper. I'm an experienced camper/traveler, I know at times in our lives we have give and take, making big decisions as to where spend the extra money & where to save those pennies for the future important trips.   I did visit the Grand Canyon and Carlsbad Caverns... well, I just didn't get the feeling(s) I thought, I would. From the rumors I had heard, I expected the heavens to open, angels to sing, etc. etc. GUESS WHAT, that didn't happen? It was like wow, a hole in the ground??! (I guess I should add to that, if you want to pick a side at the Grand Canyon of must see, go to the North side, less commercial and so must more natu

Sandy River Reservoir, Farmville, Virginia

It was just a gorgeous day when we took our kayaks out on 6/13/2016. A nice breeze, nice & sunny. Just so relaxing.  "Sandy River Reservoir", Farmville, Virginia .  Here is the critter count for the day...  1.) one seen beaver  2.) 2 unseen beaver or perhaps they were very huge fish? but they scared the pooh out of me, when they splashed, jumping to get away from me, I was paddling close to the shore line to get be in the shade ...the water was low, it aged me tons, almost peed my pants too!!  3.) several loons  4.) several herons. Thank you for stopping by. Please enjoy this vlog from the day. Beth ( :