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Big Bend National Park, Texas

Narrowing down pics from "Big Bend National Park", Texas  was not easy. Let me tell ya. We have tons. We did lots of hiking, taking in the sights & we just marveled at the view. It's spectacular there. It does take a while to drive there, such a low part of Texas. & we all know TEXAS is huge!!! so you might as well enjoy it while you are there. We were there for 3 days. They do have gasoline, but we brought in all our foods & lots of water. I'll never forget our trip. SO so so AMAZING AWESOME!!!  The Rio Grande is not GRANDE, or grand is tiny in my opinion. talking side 2 side, maybe when it is floods it does get to the GRAND sizing? maybe that is when the name came about? So much more smaller than I would have ever realized. I do wonder how it got it's name? So so strange. (1st shot.) So happy to get a good shot of the road runner. One of my most favorite birds ever & wish list to capture one day. CHECK! (last sh

Bass Pro Shop, Memphis, Tennessee

Bass Pro Shop, "Memphis Pyramid", in Tennessee. We always enjoy visiting Brass Pro Shops around the USA. They are so always so creative, all different and interesting to see what they will be sharing. We are not fisher people. we just can appreciate the business. All sorts of games to play. Shopping. Lodging. Restaurants. In the brochure you can get at the front door this quote can be seen... "Ride the tallest freestanding elevator in America. Experience a ride to the top of the Pyramid in the 28-story glass elevator. Once you are at the top, stand on glass-floored observation decks that offer 360-degree views 300 feet above Memphis and the Mississippi River." (we didn't do this, it does cost extra doe to ride on up. but fun to see from the bottom looking up.) A must see if you are in the Memphis,TN. area. Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy your day! Beth ( :

Lake Orange, Virginia

"Lake Orange", Orange, Virginia , we enjoy a day on the waters, June 6th, 2016. It was so humid. Though we had a ball exploring those waters. You should see my tan, I call it my "kayaking tan". The dragonfly was hanging out on my kayak string, he was super quick, there and gone in a blink of the eye. Notice the circle in the 2nd to the last shot, that is a bird, I am not sure you realize how difficult it is to hold a kayak steady and take pics ... so I got him in 1 shot & gone the next. What a gorgeous day it was!!  Take a look at the vlog from that day. Hope you enjoy. Thank you for stopping by. Take Care. Beth ( :

Briery Creek Lake, Farmville, Virginia

Taking a break from our trips, to talk about a recent kayaking trip. We have had so much rain here in Virginia in the month of May. It has been so green. The funny thing is how the weather folks keep saying we are in a drought??! WHAT??! So on Monday May 9th, we took a day trip to "Briery Creek Lake", Farmville, VA . At this area there was a sign about "Trophy Largemouth Bass", so if you are fan, you might wanna check out. We are not fisherpeople, just love the kayaking experience. It was a gorgeous day! I was trying to get the picture of the osprey, the water was thinking otherwise, but I did ok... in the video below you will hear birdies, I did try to capture the osprey, but the silly bird stopped singing, it was such an interesting sound. chirp? tweet? Why does nature not working me with me, please? Please enjoy this vlog of that day. Thanks, for stopping by, hope you enjoy the trip. Beth ( ;